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  1. Banned for not using a period at the end of the sentence. (:
  2. Hello. I am looking to start a 718 server that is more or less unique. I am getting back into the development of servers and I want to start up another server with a decent team. If you are interested and want more information, add me on Skype. My Skype name is: matt.hillock69.
  3. Hello! I have been working on a 718 project for a while now. I have come pretty far on it and I am ready to start getting the client changed and making the website. I am no good with graphics, but i have ideas of what I want to see, so I need help bringing these parts of my project to life! If you are interested and willing to come aboard the project, let me know! Either PM me on here or add my Skype @matt.hillock69
  4. mattchew

    Kagnai #831

    Run the files using Eclipse. So in the client open up client.java and run that and the source files should have something like Launcher.java and run that as well.
  5. mattchew

    New project, need help

    Starting a new project working with a 317 base. We will be starting from scratch and making it a unique project. I have lots of time to work on a server and I'm looking for people interested in starting this server up. It will help if you know a little bit about server development and are creative because I plan on adding lots of unique content and I already have lots of ideas in place I just need a few hands to help me out. Goals of this server: I plan on hosting this server for public play within a month or two. I'm not in this for the money, I understand most of the community is in it for the money, so if that is why you are coming to me, don't bother. I want to build a unique server. I want the server community to be hospitable and welcoming to all players. I want the economy to be virtually flawless. (This will come with time and patience) I plan on having a unique staff system with dedicated staff members. This will be a completely fresh server. New name, new content, new staff team. I am ready to start something new and I have all the tools necessary to complete this project, it is time I use them. I believe I covered all of the important things, if you want to know more, simply contact me. If you are interested in being a part of this project, please contact me. You can reach me the following ways: Skype - matt.hillock69 PM me on here *Note: This is not an advertisement for a paid position. Donations will be split among developers once we release. By doing this, I am weeding out all people who are in it solely for the money and finding people who are just interested in something unique and fresh.
  6. Your accounts aren't saving because the server isn't shutting down properly. You should find a server launcher/control panel that have files to save your accounts and everything in the server.
  7. mattchew

    close please

    close please
  8. mattchew

    830+ Cache Download

    Does anyone have a download/download link for an 830+ cache that isn't MEGA? 830+ caches are 5+ gigabytes and MEGA doesn't offer enough bandwith for free users to complete a download like this. I am working with the Matrix 3 base and I need a cache for it. If anyone can help, let me know! I appreciate it! Thanks, Matt
  9. mattchew

    Need a Coder

    Maybe you should provide information about what revision you are looking to run and what kind of help you are looking for. Also, you should mention your goals with the server.
  10. That's not necessarily an error. It is just a note. Your server should still run fine.
  11. mattchew

    close please

    close please
  12. Hello! My name is Matt! I am currently looking into hosting a 317 Deadman Mode server to go along with the other server I host. My alternate server is a 718 and the PVP is not very active, so I figured I would start up a 317 Deadman Mode to cover the PVP and get some older gameplay in the mix. I already have a source and client set up, it is now time to begin work so that we can release. The primary goal of this server will be for the community to gather together and spark some PKing. The secondary goal is to eventually profit. I will be able to offer a paid position depending on your skills and availability to work on the server. I will be splitting the donation profit with fellow partners, as well. If you want to learn more about this project, either PM me on here or add my Skype: matt.hillock69. My preferred method of contact is Skype, however, I am willing to discuss this over PM if need be. Thanks, Matt
  13. I am still looking for some active staff. If you are interested contact me via Skype or private message on here!