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  1. **HUGE UPDATES ARE IMMENENT** ```HTTP You have truly been warned, Updates are soon to fall threw in Massive Quantity. Never before seen on Any Custom RSPS. Bosses such as: Hulk, Goku, Link, Donald Trump, Ragnarok, Pacman, Killer Rick, & So many more are Confirmed to be added This Month. No Excuses. Please stand by. ``` Goodluck on Friday #giveaways & Events! **(LOGIN WITHIN NEXT HOUR AND GET 1 DONOR POINT PER RAID!)**
  2. Massive Donations Today! A++ **Raid Event is ACTIVE** @everyone Get 1 Donor Point at End of ::Raid ~~Also Enjoy Secret Unannounced #giveaways ~~ ```HTTP Tons of updates have happened but not listed, we want you to enjoy the bug fixes we have done and all the texture's we have recreated without telling you weekly. Amazing new bosses to come aswell, tomorrow!(For Big Players) Hope to see you ingame! (Theres always 10-20+ players ingame, and soon to be 30-50+, if ur a player that plays now you will qualify for a Massive Veteran Reward in the Future. I will speak more about this on a later date in time. Enjoy ur loots Everybuddy and Enjoy ur Day. ```
  3. https://i.imgur.com/pAQS6N7.gifv https://i.imgur.com/LcjkjpS.gifv https://i.imgur.com/71WPvcc.gifv
  4. Sounds good to me! Massive Raid Event! @everyone 1 Donor Point Per Raid! Per person! **30 minutes ONLY!** Super fun! *Come see me at home after each raid to collect!* *Be ready for Massive Updates!* :hype ```HTTP Download new clients on website as often as you can. To ensure your experiencing the full fun of snowscape. (If the cache doesnt autodownload in background then your fully up to date!) ```
  5. **Limited time only - Buy 1b Tickets at :: store** READ BELOW FOR LATEST UPDATE (9.19.2019) -New items added to :: Store -Donation Boxes updated to give better rewards(5% Chance) -New clue scrolls MASSIVE Update -Can get phats, h'weens, & other ungettables from Clues! -New Armour drops at all Bosses! -Monsters & bosses now drop Clue Scrolls! -Collector amulet now picks up Clues -Fixed Spawntime at inferno groudon private tele -You can now just click clue scrolls to get casket(reward) -Slayer helmets are now fully ::upgrade'able -Pet boxes dont announce anymore -Mods+ can now ::rape to prevent vpn spammers/advertisers -Removed ability to spawn for Admin
  6. - Ring of wealths now drop in Bulk! For chance to ::Upgrade - Scroll of Efficiency added to Monsters/Bosses - New Private Cerberus instance(teleport) - New Super Donor Armory - Cannons cant be used for npcKill farming anymore - Inferno Minigun now gives 200k Range Bonus. Hits 30k+ - Shadowlord was moved to Super Donor+ Armory - Cost MULTIPLE Scrolls of Efficiencys to Upgrade Weapons
  7. -New ::upgrade command -::nurse so can access food and pots without Moving! -::heal so u can heal instantly! -emojis fixed -new HP Side bar & Prayer Side Bar(Can be disabled in settings) -Small Moneypouch fix
  8. New Client release! https://snowrsps.com/Snow_launcher.jar
  9. New Weapons shop and more! https://gyazo.com/995cdeb2498f86ba36b61b0d825962b0