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  1. Qlix

    Hosting RSPS on vps

    In fact I've changed my mind and I'll gladly run it on my own PC, but your tutorial is way too sparse and I can't find a solid tutorial on how to get RSPS to work. I've gotten myself to a login screen, but when I try to create an account client crashes with an error: error_game_crash I have installed MySQL, but I don't know where to connect to my database nor how to connect to my source (server) from another computer. I'm new at this whole thing, I just need a few directions that's all. I have time so tyt to answer since I've had a surgery and I practicly have nothing better to do than wait here and try to solve this problem, even though I don't know where to start :( Best regards, Qlix
  2. Also how can I connect to external ip (public ip) which is not in the same network as I am?
  3. Qlix

    Hosting RSPS on vps

    Thank you for your answer. This works like a charm here's the output: [Launcher] Running Server... Exception in thread "main" java.lang.InternalError: Can't connect to X11 window server using ':0.0' as the value of the DISPLAY variable. at sun.awt.X11GraphicsEnvironment.initDisplay(Native Method) at sun.awt.X11GraphicsEnvironment.access$200(X11GraphicsEnvironment.java:65) at sun.awt.X11GraphicsEnvironment$1.run(X11GraphicsEnvironment.java:110) at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method) at sun.awt.X11GraphicsEnvironment.<clinit>(X11GraphicsEnvironment.java:74) at java.lang.Class.forName0(Native Method) at java.lang.Class.forName(Class.java:195) at java.awt.GraphicsEnvironment.createGE(GraphicsEnvironment.java:102) at java.awt.GraphicsEnvironment.getLocalGraphicsEnvironment(GraphicsEnvironment.java:81) at java.awt.Window.initGC(Window.java:467) at java.awt.Window.init(Window.java:487) at java.awt.Window.<init>(Window.java:536) at java.awt.Frame.<init>(Frame.java:420) at java.awt.Frame.<init>(Frame.java:385) at javax.swing.JFrame.<init>(JFrame.java:174) at com.rs.Panel.<init>(Panel.java:58) at com.rs.Launcher.main(Launcher.java:98) But the second question is giving me headache. Do you know how to set the ip to connect to the server that is not running on my localhost? I can't seem to find the client/lib/ClientSettings.java file... *EDIT* I've changed Loader.java to this. public static String IP = "12.345.67.890"; //I've used my ip here public static boolean LOBBY_ENABLED = false; public static boolean DISABLE_XTEA_CRASH = true; public static boolean DISABLE_USELESS_PACKETS = true; public static boolean DISABLE_RSA = false; public static final int REVISION = 718; public static final int LOBBY_PORT = 43594; public static String LOBBY_IP = "12.345.67.890"; //I've used my ip here as well public static int SUB_REVISION = 5; public static Loader instance; public static int[] outSizes = new int[256]; public static boolean localHost; *EDIT2* The above change to the file didn't work. It is still loading updates which the client from another computer simply can't find, since the cache folder is not specified. Also where do I have to specify the SQL database user, password and database table? Since I think the client crashes because it cannot write in any database. Again I apologize for being bad at setting the RSPS up. Regards, Qlix
  4. I have an issue with client when I try to create an account... Whelp?
  5. Qlix

    Hosting RSPS on vps

    So I've bought a VPS and the first thing I wanted to do was set up RSPS for me and my friends. But I've got a problem since the VPS OS is linux (Debian 8). I've downloaded RSPS from your website. The RSPS works fine on windows as long as I don't try to create a user, because thats when it crashes the client. I think it might've had something to do with mysql, since I don't have it installed on my PC (windows OS). That's why I wanted to try and run it on VPS since it already has MySQL installed. I've written the .sh scripts. They run, but it launches a java application which can only be opened in X11. [email protected]:/home/rsps/my_server/Entrinthy - Release# ./Run.sh ./Run.sh: 2: ./Run.sh: title: not found [Launcher] Running Server... Exception in thread "main" java.awt.HeadlessException: No X11 DISPLAY variable was set, but this program performed an operation which requires it. at java.awt.GraphicsEnvironment.checkHeadless(GraphicsEnvironment.java:207) at java.awt.Window.<init>(Window.java:535) at java.awt.Frame.<init>(Frame.java:420) at java.awt.Frame.<init>(Frame.java:385) at javax.swing.JFrame.<init>(JFrame.java:174) at com.rs.Panel.<init>(Panel.java:58) at com.rs.Launcher.main(Launcher.java:98) This is my Run.sh script: #!/bin/sh title Running Server java -Xms512m -Xmx512m -cp bin:data/libs/* com.rs.Launcher false false true read I have 2 questions: Will this rsps work on linux? Will the client crassh error when creating an account go away if I start the server with MySQL installed?
  6. Qlix

    RSPS on Linux

    @StevenAbraham I apologize for the lack of knowledge on how to set up rsps server, I did just find the help category inside a section where I downloaded the files, so could this thread please be moved there, or do I have to remake it? Anyways I've found the cache link inside alhassa-scape-client/lib/ClientSettings.java I've put the rspsCache2.zip inside the alhassa-scape-client/ folder inside which there's also client run.sh script. public static final String cacheLink = "../rspsCache2.zip; //make sure it zip Or did you mean to put it inside the alhassa-scape-source/data folder? *EDIT* Does it matter which jdk and jre version is installed? Will the server work with the latest versions? Thank you for your help, Regards, Qlix
  7. Qlix

    RSPS on Linux

    You assumed correctly. If you don't mind me asking where is the link specified? I've looked through run and compile scripts, but couldn't find it. Also here is an example of how I transformed run.bat files into run.sh script. Hopefully it's correct. This is my source/Run.sh file: #!/bin/sh title alhassa-scape 562 loading 659! color 9 cd src cd .. java -Xms520m -classpath bin;deps/* com.rs2hd.Main servaddr read -p This is my client/run.sh file: #!/bin/sh java -cp bin;lib/clientlibs.jar;lib/com.jar; client 0 live english game0 This is my run-64.sh file: #!/bin/sh java -cp bin;lib/clientlibs.jar;lib/com.jar; client I have 2 folders: client bin lib rspsCache2 src compile.sh compile2.sh jagex_runescape_preferences2.dat run-64.sh run.sh source settings bin data deps docs src .classpath .project Compile.sh Run.sh Sorry for the long list, but it wont allow me to post images. Did I do anything wrong so far and what more do I have to do before I can run it? Do I have to run compile.sh before I can run run.sh? Thank you for your help, Regards, Qlix
  8. Qlix

    RSPS on Linux

    Thank you so very much for your answer, your explanation was great and I've understood it perfectly. But then I got stuck on another problem. I'm talking about <a href="http://forum.runelocus.com/topic/63291-alhassa-scape-562-659-release/?page=19">alhassa-scape 562-659</a> version. Which contains 3 different .zip files. Do I have to extract .zip files all in the same folder, or do I create a folder for each of those? I extracted client and source seperately, but I dont know where to put rspsCache2.zip. I do apologize if I'm being dumb here, but I haven't quite any idea on how to run this server except for the Shell script part, which you explained. Thank you, Regards, Qlix
  9. Qlix

    RSPS on Linux

    Hello guys, I'm new to your website and new to hosting rsps servers. However, my friends asked me to host an RSPS server. As it happens I have VPS with pre-installed Debian 8 system on it. I'm wandering if any of you can point me to where could I find RSPS files for linux (including .sh scripts) since I can't really do scripting. Thank you in advance, Regards, Qlix