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  1. UPDATES: Slayer Zones added increased donator benefits ;;spin command was added
  2. UPDATES: Many bosses were nerfed Slayer shop was updated Added some new weapons
  3. Coming soon: Tetstu, Noxious Weapons, new Slayer Zones, Points shops, etc. Join the fun now!
  4. In need of a dedicated Website developer and active server supports!
  5. EVENT WILL BE HOSTED SOON! JOIN NOW! Download http://nova-excision.org/forum/index.php?/forum/3-client-download/ About Nova Excision 718/742 Nova Excision is a 718/742 Revision that is coming up as one of the best servers out there of its kind! There are staff positions open and the community is growing faster than ever! The current staff is very active and take very kindly to suggestions/feedback. The community is very friendly and all new players are welcome! Features Nova Excision 718/742 has fully functional skills and no bugs. Nova has unique minigames that were created by the owner/developer and many unique features that you have never seen on any other RSPS! If you'd like to see more about this server, why don't you come check it out? http://nova-excision.org/forum/ Media I would like to personally take a minute to welcome all new players and I hope you find the best experience in Nova Excision 718/742! Want to help support Nova Excision 718/742? Spread the word using our banner!