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  1. Hey guys, First of all, I cant believe I was able to get this name! I guess I'd call this a reintroduction, considering I was an original member here. I decided to go back to Mopar, RL, and various other sites to check out what's going on in the RS world. I'm honestly shocked to see this still exists. So Cart, you might know me as Emerica. I think my dumbfuck self got banned almost ten years ago. (Wow, we are getting old) I was an active member on many sites, and many private servers. (does anyone remember frugooscape or am I just making myself feel old?) I have no interest in Runescape, I don't even play video games. I wish I had time to do that. What else? I'm currently going to school for a law degree and commissioned in the Navy. Even after all this school I still don't know how to say or spell Ikiliki's name, so I guess if I can make it so can you. Well, hopefully I get some decent replies, maybe someone will let me know what my dumbass self got into long ago.