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  1. Vitaldabz

    Cannot find Objects

    Update : I have found a solution. I wanted to delete objects that were not able to be found in my files. I took the coordinates of the objects I no longer wanted and placed a “spacer” in exact coordinates. My object ID inserted was -1 or 0 Once the spacer was in place the random objects were gone!
  2. Vitaldabz

    Cannot find Objects

    Greetings, I am currently working on a 317 based server for fun. While removing and adjusting objects I have found many objects that I cannot find in my files. (Meaning I search the object ID and it is not found anywhere.) I also have checked to find the coordinates of these objects. The coordinates are not listed. Somebody please give me advice to keep going. It is possible the objects are loading from inside, if not in a cache strung through the internet.. Where/How would I remove these objects easier? Thank you in advance!