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  1. Check out the latest edition of the Monthly Alora Newspaper, courtesy of @Sycamore! https://www.alora.io/forums/topic/61395-alora-newspaper-1182020/
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  4. Check out the new Achievement Diary Guide, made by Vape Tricks: https://www.alora.io/forums/topic/61212-achievement-diary-guide/
  5. We've just released a MASSIVE new update with complete Achievement Diaries, Magic Wardrobe, Armour Cases, and much more! For more details, follow the link below: https://www.alora.io/forums/topic/61208-12120-achievement-diaries-magic-wardrobe-armour-cases-more/
  6. Join us for the weekend events, starting today at 4PM UTC! https://www.alora.io/forums/topic/61156-weekend-events-1102019-1122019/
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  9. Hey guys, be sure to join us for the weekday events, starting tomorrow at 4PM UTC! https://www.alora.io/forums/topic/61089-weekday-events-182020-192020/