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  1. Added pet system players can obtain pet by killing specific npc's the pet will spawn at player and follow them if pet gets out of distance pet will despawn (going to have pet either teleport if out of dist or go to inventory) I may change pet sizes unsure what size i would like to go with currently and am thinking about adding pet specific abilities to make them more desirable. Example: Dragon related pets make it where dragons don't aggro to you and are non-aggressive to you but are to others without a dragon pet. Also added networking world editting so development team can live edit world with other development mappers. Pet preview https://i.gyazo.com/f85b2752b2b74c4d99657146feca535c.png
  2. Did a few smaller updates here is a screenshot below going to be working on level design shortly and fixing the positioning / rotation of UI worldspace.
  3. Thanks im using animator the video preview was from quite a few months ago maybe even a year alot of problems have been fixed just need to touch up a few things and then i can post a video As for artist i've had a few do specific things but i don't currently have a artist on hand in a few months though hoping to see if EvilSystem (guy made UI both our projects use) can make my game its own.
  4. I've updated OP will be adding new media in next week or two i restarted the project due to some issue i havent lost anything from my old project and am re-adding too this new project i will be posting development notes on OP as well.
  5. Added skilling to arthion online preview video below of woodcutting
  6. Thanks guys, here is a new video showing recent changes.
  7. Thanks! I've updated arthion online here are the patchnotes Today's update (Video shortly) Added New UI (some colors and such may be off fixing soon!) Added New animations (punch, kick, die and few others) Added New mounting system (riding animals, monsters etc & for fixing armor skinning issues) Updated PvN combat (now detects if player has weapon) Updated main level a little more. Fixed animations (fixed few anim bugs) Fixed player equipping items issue. Removed little bit of unused assets from project. Edit: Here is a screenshot. Previous update (video below) New level (redoing entire level) New water system Fixed fishing spot particle bug Fixed chatbox scroll bug
  8. Been quite awhile since i've posted an update here but alot has changed from last time i posted here i added a new video to my main post showing some more updates i did a few months ago.
  9. Added woodcutting and mining.
  10. Thanks am making good progress and will be posting new screens soon
  11. Discord - https://discord.gg/KKsS4Pq Arthion is a upcoming work in progress role playing game I am currently working on the basic fundamentals of the game we will be posting various updates on our thread and we would love to hear feedback and suggestions! I will be posting bi-weekly updates on thread along with images so stay tuned!