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  1. When you first register to RuneLocus you will be asked to input an alias to use on our forum. This alias can only be changed once by regular member usergroup. Purchasing donation perks will increase this amount dependent on the donator perk. You can change your alias in Account Settings and choosing Display Name as a regular member you can only choose a new alias once every 365 days, choose wisely!
  2. RuneLocus' reputation is a built-in system designed for users to give or deduct points to other users. The reputation system is mainly used for things such as giving reputation points to users who post useful, helpful, or funny posts - Please note, giving feedback does not require a legitimate reason to do so. Gaining positive reputation points will increase your reputation ranking across RuneLocus an example of a reputation bar can be found under a user's avatar along with their reputation point, for every 5 positive points you receive you will receive a star once you unlock 5 stars you gain a level! Like wise, dropping points will reduce your star amount and eventually your reputation level. Members can only give 10 positive reputation points and 1 negative reputation point per day.