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  1. For the latest updates check out the commit history: The milestones will have updated TODO lists. https://github.com/Hadyn/runite
  2. Oh yeah I forgot about that. But I doubt many people to remember or care.
  3. I don't expect many serious applications but I put it out there. I'm not going to specifically say what you are going to program in, because that depends. So it was loose ended for a reason. I am not going to talk about specifics because it is an idea I do not want to share publicly.
  4. Looking for project members. Must be intermediate to advanced at programming; not just Java but multiple languages (C++, C#, Javascript, etc). This will be a summer project that will produce a server that will be monetized. You must be a recognized member in the community, and have no prior wrongdoings. Much of this project won't just be writing code; there will be planning and internal discussion. Message me on here, or reply below. None of the requirements are optional.
  5. I talked to Cart and he's putting something together soon.
  6. Hey guys, I'm looking for interested developers to interview for a project. You can add me on Skype: hadynfitzgerald Thanks.
  7. I'll talk to Cart about what he thinks about this.
  8. Let me see some examples of your work and I might be able to get you a freelance position for the Runescape private server I work for.
  9. Wait this uses Angular 2 with Typescript? Might be an interesting project to look at then.
  10. Yeah that sounds like a more appealing option.
  11. I think that's perfectly acceptable. It isn't something I think any of us could expect of you, we don't pay you, it's out of the goodness of your heart.
  12. " Such as myself, which is why I would be more willing to help if others are as well. " I think this statement is exactly what I didn't want to hear but I understand the premise. That's why something like this would be considered volunteer work. And hence why I said, if you want to do it, just do it. And do it when you want to, as long as you work well with the other people who are trying to put it forward. Motivate yourself if you actually want to learn something, or help the community. You won't ever be a useful asset if you don't.