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  1. Media Downloads: Server Client Cache Credits: Rage-Scape One Time Noszscape For noobs, Rename 3.Enox cache to cache and place it in the data folder. Since a lot of people been asking me on pm. Staff pin is 1400118 you can change it in Player.Java and WorldPacketsDecoder.Java just search for 1400118 and change it to whatever numbers you want
  2. MEDIA: Downloads: Cache Client Source Release by: Stoked
  3. A few client->server packets if you guys want to start a 550 server. Leanbow's 550 refactored client: client - if you want to reference. 186 - Chat 140 - Camera 158 - Button 200 - Click 216 - Command 86 - Display message 55 - equipment 91 - Idle logout 137 - Ping 222 - Quick chat 230 - Walk 72 - Examine item 12 - NPC attack option 65 - NPC examine option 103 - Wear item 58 - Item on Item 6 - Move item 81 - Remove item 176 - Examine object 94 - Extended button 248 - Focus message 214 - Click item 124 - Operate item 88 - Drop item 116 - Item on object 123 - Item on player 105 - Click chat box 189 - Interface closed 26 - Add friend 172 - Delete friend 197 - Ignore friend 143 - Delete ignored friend 177 - Magic on item 250 - Music 120 - Music volume change 157 - Private message 46 - Move camera? 156 - Moves the camera weird
  4. • 5 Rooftop Agility Courses • Rewritten a majority of the combat including formulas. • Rewritten Game Engine & Packet handling. • Rewritten Clan Chat (Includes; Teleport To Clan Member & Copy Kit) • Item Gambler (Npc) • Ingame Boss Kill Log • Zenyte Jewelry Crafting • Bounty Hunter Skull Icons to determine how much a player on a kill-streak is worth • Ingame npc drop-table • Ingame PK Hiscores board • All OSRS Current Bosses (Except for Skotizo) • Rewritten Slayer (Players can choose between task difficulties depending on Combat Level) • Boss Slayer Tasks • PVP Slayer Tasks • Full Cerberus • Full Demonic Gorillas with Prayer Switching • Full Kraken • Zulrah • Crazy Archaeologist • Scorpia • Chaos Fanatic • 18+ Bosses • Unique Kill-Streak System • All Wilderness Bosses • Rewritten Skills • Full OSRS Bounty Hunter • Help database system • Perfect Combat • Clipped Player & Npc following • Clipped Projectiles • Clipped 121 maps & objects • Pet Insurance • Boss Pets • Newest OSRS Pets • Bank Tabs • Perfect Minigames Credit: 01053 Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?399k9rksramzs39
  5. https://virustotal.com/en/file/d8afdb5b782e7492529cc15c8b713e7d73ecab013ec293f4951924ce7747d63b/analysis/1473602812/ Enjoy. Download Vernox RS3 830 cache
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    Matrix III

    Links Server: https://mega.nz/#!JZQWCYoA!wm_YyFiJ9HOJKhknvnFm06HZXSTO8kE8bBpkq_0qxWE Client: https://mega.nz/#!pFghiQib!IGIErlDmChuBX-Ouo_sszIjs4VoA4iEt4EywV8h5OAo Cache: https://mega.nz/#!pIhTBRKJ!-0KJF7EVJxkbRdSjrPkJLgjg6Kxa6kN8HxyBPcUR9zk
  7. Click-levelling for all combat skills to create your build Pre-made loadouts/kits for literally instant log in & PK Custom-made kits can also be saved to your own choice Amazing killstreak system with server announcements PKP and tiered emblem rewards for better weapons & armor FREE shops for Iron gear up to Barrows equipment FREE Whip, G Maul, DDS, all Godswords (except AGS) Credits: Veng PKZ OsBrutality team Hitten for some interfaces Download links: Source:https://www.mediafire.com/?acx5grnp9fljyd1 Client: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ted2sg0gc8uiydk/Veng Pkz Client.zip?dl=0 Cache:It will auto download from client
  8. Pois0n

    Vencillio OSRS

    If you enjoy this release please give some love to the following people! Obey Chex Zion Bigshot Whoever worked on Valor Client: https://www.mediafire.com/?uic71d4nz66zrpc Source: https://www.mediafire.com/?uh7z09m8k43qguk
  9. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4v8yhnejicgz4m7/AAAY0uFSk1ZI9JvCfYl-QQsea?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qrrdemchsp8df4n/AADLxthYC0sK2Q14WlV2mUSya?dl=0 ] Developer- Sohaib Owner-Umran Web Developer- Setup Ruse team owner blade
  10. Features: Custom Teleportation System Fully functional Grand Exchange 100% master capes exactly like rs3 90% construction Working off-hand combat Expandable perk system Quests and QuestSystem thats expandable easily Vorago with combat script Kalphite King with combat script (very similar to rs3) Tectonic and noxious staff Seismic wand and singularity Sirenic and Noxious longbow Ascension crossbows Malevolent and Noxious scythe Drygore maces, longswords, and rapiers Charming imp Off-hand chaotics All boss pets from rs3 revision 830 & also boss pets run like rs3 120 Slayer as skill All npcs/animations/items/gfx from revision 830 Potion timers * familiar timer. Needs to be enabled in the source 5 different game modes including ironman Amulet, ring, braclet, and necklace crafting works 100% No dupes List to add ips so you dont need passwords for any account (Owner only) Full slayer and slayer unlocks, and task cancling, similar to 718/rs3 All matrix shit Simple cpanel when server boots up Custom Dungeoneering Livid farm start Toolbelt 100% from 736 revision Support for easily adding passive armor & weapon effects and perks Clans and clan cape/vex customization Rare Drops will have a custom beam of light, so ya don't miss it. Bank Presets, need some fixes Download Links: Server/Client/Cache Server/Client No Cache Credit: ReverendDread
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    Ostava 562

    This is a converted Matrix source. Credits: matrix team Yourgirlwantsme Downloads: Server Download Client Download Cache Download
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    * Added 525 gameframe * Fixed a deadlock, * Fixed majority of dupes, Packet abusing. * Auto cache downloader * XP rates upon login. * Pk Point Shop. * Donate Shop * Vote Shop * Perfect Switching. * Fixed jads cave * Fully Functional Skills. * Custom Wilderness bosses! * OSRS Items! * Prestige System * Vote for rewards! * Modified Combat * Loyalty Titles * 7 Different ranks, Donator, Resp, Support, Mod, Admin, Advisor, Developer * Custom minigames * Clipped following * Clipped NPCs * Pkp system, Didnt finish needs sorting. Download:http://www.mediafire.com/file/j7nqhlzdaou7vd7/Gen+PACKAGE.rar Credits: Relentless Media:
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    Dude what is the point of downloading a source and just hosting it without any changes. That is like... UBER leech status.
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    Kagnai #831

    === http://www.mediafire.com/file/44lt5p6b7sir4js/Kagani.zip ===
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    Download Starlight Package Cache Download Development Log (Updated from 1st August 2016): - Home has been moved to new location - NPC Spawns re-located - Object spawns re-located - Tutorial has been removed - Client has been revamped - Membership store has been added (You can now Purchase Gems) - FPS issue has been fixed, had to remove some unwanted loops in the process - There was an issue with Prayer switching, I re-wrote Prayer, so it should be near perfect - Externalized all strings into .properties files (now loaded from properties files rather than .class) - Started on importing Ownxiles Python plugin system, for quests and dialogues - Python plugins have been implemented - Player Titles have been added, speak with The Key Master at home - Added custom player titles - Debugged FPS issue (It's to do with sendsideinterface) - Made object loading more efficient, removes and loads objects only once on startup, rather than constant cycles on login - Website leaderboards have been implemented - Starlight Highscores - Made it so staff cannot update to web leaderboards - Fixed all warnings with source and client - Have added voting booths in-game with a Vote store and Vote points - Removed clipping from some tiles causing clipping issues - Members store's in-game, price adjustments + new items added - Update to Starlight's web store - Put a temp fix on memory leak with Models in Client - Fixed several doors/gates that were not working correctly (Entrance to KBD, lava drags, Pest control gates) - Removed memory leak with text strings in Censor.java (This is the biggest memory leak with Vencillio for who ever is interested) - Added more efficient way of loading URL's, loads from it's own class using, MalformedURLException; URL; URLConnection; - Added Uncut Dragonstone mining at mining area - All Threads in server are now being handled using cached thread pool - Home area was moved again, to a new fresh location - Added a couple of new Alter object cases to the clickAction - Created a new method for loading Mini-Map Icons from Cache, added new Icons for new home location - Added boss task's, temporarily free to set a task - Fixed barrows, npcs now do damage - Fixed dismantle dupe - Fixed blowpipe dart dupe - Removed back-door commands - Added Fox's Launcher - Updated to RCS website - Edited several shops, to furthermore better the economy - Added Lunar and Ancient spell restrictions - Added Lunar and Ancient Alter @ home next to Membership building - Advertised on Runelocus - Spent the day getting new forum software running smoothly, several PHP version bug fixes - Moved home back to Edgeville, objects, npc's, tele co-ords - Deadman shop + blood money system added (wilderness bosses drop blood money) - Serveral Edgeville clipping tiles have been fixed - Starter kit has been re-made for Normal players - Website has had another final revamp, fully moved too IPB - Several NPC ID changes, mainly shops and new bounty master - Bounty store has been updated - Webstore has been updated + in-game membership store - Removed all backdoor issues with Vencillio - Changed some teleport coordinations - changed teleport "Free cost" diolouge - Renamed a few teleports - Edited a few global annoucements - Adjust wilderness teleports - Added options to fishing teleports - disabled anglerfishing from teleport interfacetab - Renovated all shops excluding none coin currencies - moved npcs around edgeville (gave it a more clear look) - removed irrelevant objects in edgeville - moved healer to memberzone as its only for members - Moved prayer and spellbook altars - made "Rex" one of the root administrators - home teleport adjusted - Host upgrade to 8 cores, 30GB Ram - DDos protection for Host - Several doors that were blocking entrance ways have been removed - NPC updates, for a fresh look - command ::home has been added - command ::Shops has been added - command ::pk has been added - 2147M slayer points for attack potion (3) in slayer shop has been removed and replaced - all trivia questions have been reviewed. There should be any wrong questions/ answers anymore - 10+ new trivia questions added - Lunar alter for vengeance has been added north of edgeville - Donator's Mbox has been re-added to edgeville bank - Bank pin bug patched - Launcher has been patched so it will now Download cache without interruptions or freezes Credits: Ben, Rex.
  16. So I was in my basement today looking for a spare mouse. When I ran into my old PC on accident. I booted it up and it was working fine. When I logged in, I saw that the first server i ever "coded" was on there. Boy did I think I was a bad ass back in those days. The days where people made servers for fun and learning instead of for profit. Well anyways, I thought for those of you who were around back then would enjoy seeing this and maybe would want to fool around with it a little bit. It was actually a blast logging in and just looking around. Anyways, here you go, from 2009. Man are we old... Links : client 1 : Project Fubergen v8.3.1 Client Xmas client 2 : Client - Muroth source : source of eclipse Credit: EdenPS
  17. https://www.mediafire.com/file/yuzirbwj6harwpj/rune-status.RSMobile20171024.apk
  18. Contents: #157 Cache (Direct download, not On-Demand) Index1 - Models, Index2 - Animations, Index3 - Midis, Index4 - Maps, Item Definitions, NPC Definitions, Object Definitions, Animation Definitions, Graphic Definitions, Underlay/Overlay Definitions, Varbit Definitions, Identity Kits, --Also contains various other information from the Cache. --Also contains MOST available map from 157 Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/l2m2bc8e7sq32jd/157.rar
  19. This tool was created by @hausdrache5 This is a command line tool, call it like that: rsm2obj.exe <in dir> <out dir> You will lose the rigging information of the model as OBJ can't support it. Proper texture mapping doesn't work. Written in C#, Source included in download. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rkgmk0km28fchjm/rsm2obj-converter.rar
  20. #159 Cache: Index1 - Models, Index2 - Animations, Index3 - Midis, Item Definitions, NPC Definitions, Object Definitions, Animation Definitions, Graphic Definitions, Underlay/Overlay Definitions, Varbit Definitions, Identity Kits, Also contains various other information from the Cache. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/4u6pewkaehjirzn/159.rar
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    R-S is better

  22. Holy triple monitors Batman!
  23. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/bry0d10dtnf045r/Hectate [Final].rar Mirror: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rjiloxdjetyzpz2/Hectate [Final].rar?dl=0 Credits: -Tyler -Optimus -Kingfox -Alex