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  1. Forum : GGScape The #1 RSPS Discord : https://discord.gg/KJCveq Download Client.jar Here : Client.jar Training Teleports Rock Crabs Experiments Yaks Bandits Ghouls Chaos Druids GzHaar Dust Devils Chickens Monkey skeletons Monkey guards Armoured zombies --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dungeon Teleports Edgeville dungeon Chaos Gunnels Brimhaven Dungeon Gaverly Dungeon Godwars Dungeon Strykewyrm Cavern Ancient Cavern ----------------------------------------- Boss Teleports King Black Dragon Godwars monsters you name it Kalphite queen Slash bash Frost Dragon Dagannoth kings Tormented Demons Barrelchests Chaos Elemental Lizardman shaman Bork Corporeal beast Phoenix bandos avatar Glacors Nex Scorpia Venenatis Cerbertus Skotizo Abyssal sire Giant mole Karken Zulrah Mole --------------------------------------------------------- Minigames Barrows Fightcaves Fight pits Pest Control Duel Arena Warrior's Guild Recipe For Disaster Nomad's Requeim Treasure Island Gambling Zone Welcome to GGScape We Provide the necessary needs for our players satisfaction players are our #1 Priority. We are here to bring what you so much desire and bring it back to life! What do we offer? We offer outstanding staff members to help you in the worst position you find you're self in. Future Updates! We have added auto donation to out website. 20 Bosses to keep you busy 9 Minigames! and much More i hope to see you on the server All Boss Pets - Real Hunter - Loyalty Titles - Ironman - Full Screen Client - Dungeon - Bank Tabs - Duel Arena - 110 New Achievements - Custom Completionist capes - Custom Whips - Gambling - Duo Slayer - Dwarf Cannon - Pest Control - Fight Cave - Warrior Guild - Barrows - Wilderness target system - Player Killing stores - Full Godwars - Real farming - Server Events - Weekly Lottery - Double Exp WeekendsSafe Dicing | Mbox Opening interface || Active Community | Gambling | Ironman Modes |1 Tick Combat | Achievements | Flawless/Duo Slayer | Dungeoneering | Full Construction | Summoning | All Minigames | Custom Titles | High Scores | & More