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    Angry Birds Go

    During playing angry birds go, i notice that some unknown popups ads appear. How can i block the ads from appearing in games?
  2. Curosoc

    Angry Birds Go

    Thx for all of ur replies and now i have fixed the issues via the information i got from google. But I really appreciate your advices!
  3. Curosoc

    Angry Birds Go

    BTW, i see the ads are all labeled with the word "Mobeema" and i did a google and found some information, which for example explains that Mobeema is an unwanted program or something. Holly shit! I dont even know how this happen. Plz, plz, plz give me some advices.
  4. It's a little expensive humm http://www.fastremovevirus.com/remove-locky-file-extension-completely-from-pc.html