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  1. Updates to dominion tower. 8:20 AM 5/13/2016 - Added dominion point shop - Added all colors of goliath gloves to the shop cost 80k dom points - Added all colors of swift gloves to the shop cost 80k dom points - Added all colors of spellcaster gloves to the shop cost 80k dom points - Added dom sword for 100k dom points - Added dom staff for 90k points - Added dom xbow for 120k points - Added chronic grateaxe for end goal weapon worth 200k points - chronic greateaxe have stats above chatoc maul and below primal maul - Dom shop can be opened by a claim box same as claming dom rewards - Removed dom xbow @ armadyl - Removed swift gloves @ armadyl - Removed dom sword @ bandos - Removed goliath gloves @ bandos - Removed dom staff @ Sara - Removed spellcaster gloves @ sara
  2. More client updates 1:18 PM 5/12/2016 - Added new looks for the client - Added new loading screens created by William - Also added new login background image made by william - Download the latest 3.0 client at forums "play now" button or homepage "play" - Fixed non resizable feature, and reuploaded the client
  3. Couldnt post the updates, out of town atm. 9:30 AM 5/5/2016 - Added a function to forceload the map upon logging in, hope this will help ppl getting blackscreen - Added new gfx effects upon leveling up - Added more gfx effects upon reaching 99/120/99 all skills and 200m exp - While checking droprates on the test server, i have thought of adding kill counter. - ;;startcounter to start your custom kill counter, it will appear on your chatbox as it counts - ;;resetcounter to reset back to 0 - ;;stopcounter to stop counting - ;;checkounter to check how many counts it did - Added more checks about boss kill counter cause it appears to announce numbers at 1000 up to 1009 kills
  4. Updates! 8:11 PM 5/2/2016 - Pouches dropped increased to 500 max random for ironmens - Shards dropped increase to 1k max random for ironmens Cape stats tweak by William: Comp t Comp Donor capes Master capes Added stats for skiller cape These took away range str bonuses from weapons before being tweaked. 6:45 AM 5/4/2016 - Made boss counter method way more easier and cleaner to detect number of kills - Added 1m gp per leps found - Added ;;resettask to reset your daily task! cost 30m gp and +100 task multiplied by reset time! - Added ;;switchprayers for donors, switching from curse to normal prayer and so on - Removed bone beeds drop worldwide -> let me know if theres still bone beeds left, well kill this guy :D - Added droping charms on autoloot, didnt notice it wasnt on the list - Added ;;train command, goes to rockcrabs directly
  5. T90 stats and other items have been added/tweaked. Looking forward to find bosses to put these T90s on. 7:12 AM 4/29/2016 - Malevolent,Sirenic,Tectonic sets stats added and fixed thanks to william for providing the stats and adding them - Rewritten some tips n tricks, so madara will be happy lol - fixed some grammar errors on claiming capes thanks to madara again :P 1:48 PM 4/30/2016 - dz animation tele fixed - added more trivia thanks to klein Here are the Stat fixes by William 99 capes fire cape 200m capes kiln cape max cape donor cape comp cape comp t cape Armors and weapons: Malevolent Sirenic Techtonic Ascension crossbows Seismic wand
  6. Some more updates, working on improving drop rates. 11:22 AM 4/28/2016 - Added gfx for leeuni healing skills, he already has healing skills but added gfx so ppl notice it - Added healing damage of 200 to show how much he heals - Made to 10k hp for leeuni. - Added extra regular attack for leeuni, this will hit through prayer so wont be afkable anymore - Added message per boss kills saying how many kills you made - Added world announcement to every 100 kills of certain boss
  7. Just a few updates, pvm fixes are going well. 9:02 PM 4/21/2016 - Added ;;home message while entering arena 2:40 PM 4/23/2016 - Added Players at wildy @ tasktab - Added Players at Arena @ tasktab 7:53 PM 4/26/2016 - Removed spamm damage messages along with corp +50% damage incease message - Cleaning the code into more clearer npc combats, it makes confusions - Corp def stats adjusted 1:24 PM 4/27/2016 - Made npc combat definitions unpacker so i can view whats inside the packed definitions since i lost my unpacked list and i've been editing them directly to the packed file - Tweaked attack styles of Party Demon - Also tweaked attack styles for merc mage - Merc Mage now has 1k cap damage - Merc Mage also now set to 20k hp - Party Demon now set to 20k hp - Their stats will be the next fix if we done all test, thanks to feed my ego for the big help
  8. Focusing on pvm revamps for the next couple of updates 5:28 PM 4/20/2016 - Revamping PvM Points - Added leeuni to pvm points, 20 each kill - Added leeuni to killcount - 5 pvm points each armadyl kills - Added tds to killcount - Added tds to pvm points, 30 each kill - Added auto bank for thieving, 10k pvm points - Ranger boots from cchest price adjusted to 3m - Other coloured whips adjusted price to 1.5m - All other pvm points are adjusted refer to this post by Feed My Ego : http://infinite-era.com/community/index.php?/topic/199-pvm-point-full-revamp/ 4:44 PM 4/21/2016 - Nerfed daily task count for smithing to 1.4k to 1.6k - Fixed Corp combat issues on the code that makes confusions - Spears vs Corp will now have +50% damage increase - Removed reflect when using mage/range - Fixed prayer reflect on corp, it does +50% damage cause of spear weapon which shouldnt be happening. - Arcane Spirit shield now capable to absorb 10% of damage - Elysian Spirit shield now capable to absorb 20% of damage - Divine Spirit shield now capable to absorb 30% of damage - Hope and Scarlet Spirit shield now capable to absorb 40% of damage
  9. Finished some work on the client and hoping to have a launcher done soon 10:45 AM 4/13/2016 - Adjusted so message contains "hhhhhh" will be displayed - Adjusted chat that has more than 84 characters wont display checks to instead it will just print out 84 characters - Added some sneaky abilities for owners rank :D - Added comp mining counter at nlz double drop mining chance - Added another option upon choosing modes, to prevent people from directly clicking hc ironman mode option from spam clicking - Added 2 Gem Rocks @ ironman Zone - Added Deposit box near the mining area at ironman zone - Added the ability to mine random uncut gems on the gem rocks at ironman zone - Increased noted herbs drop from zombies at IronMan Zone - Added AutoLoot feature @ BuffMaster @ home for 10k buff points - Added some owner commands into supports and moderators 11:20 AM 4/14/2016 - Made so it will count all empty vials in your inventory and fill them all as you use empty vial into water sources - Changed the friends status into "online" on your friends list. 6:00 PM 4/19/2016 - Fixed client, removed laggy stuff, especially when using two clients at a time - Also remove most possible false positive detection from anti viruses Just use the normal download link @ forums or @homepage i updated them - Changed the icon of the client made by William - I have developed a new launcher, it will be released soon These are also updates from NPC drops by Feed My Ego, Thanks for the hardwork :p
  10. We have a YouTube event going on! Come check it out, you might win something in-game! Hello Infinite-Era players! I will be adding in a section on the forums where you will be able to see the most recent events happening! I will do my best to post events ahead of time so people have time to prepare for the said event. Our first event to start this section of the forums will be Infinite-Era youtube event!Infinite-Era Official Youtube Event: Information: What is the event:The event will be a youtube video contest where every player has a chance to participate by recording/editing a yt video. All videos must be “legit” meaning the video can’t be a 2 minute video of rubbish or something useless for Infinite-Era. When is the event:The event will Start this Saturday 4/16!The event will end May Second. Where do I submit my video entry:You will submit your video under the youtube event post. Please use this format:Name: Video content (Whats the video about) How/what to make the video on:Content for your video can consist of a range of things. For example you may shoot a video as a promotional video, where you would show the top features. These features include our new pk arena, Buff points, Boss instance rooms, Iron man/hc iron, Onspot duel, Team slayer/dung. You may also choose one feature of Infinite-Era and make a few minute video on just that. For example our new pk arena, you could make a video demonstrating how to get there and use it. You may also make unique intros for Infinite-Era. If you choose to just make 30 second intros, we ask you make 4 intros in total when submitting your videos. How to make the video:For recording your video, we recommend using “fraps”. It is a simple and easy to use software to record your video! To edit your videos there are a range of options from Sony Vegas to Camtasia. If anyone needs help at any point in making the video please contact me(kramm). Reward information:First place winner will be awarded Youtuber rank, along with 4 donator mystery boxs (You can get rares!). 2cnd Place winner will be awarded 3 donator mystery boxes and a chance at youtube rank.Third place winner will be awarded 2 donator mystery boxes.All participants will receive 3 vote boxes(chance at rare items!) just for participating in the event!