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  1. Hey guys, back at it after years of being away, found my base, added quite a few new little things, made little things work right or better. Any tips on fixing these errors for my control panel? I do not need to be spoon fed, I've fixed all my other errors and this one is stumping me. src\server\util\PanelSettings.java:339: error: cannot assign a value riable SERVER_NAME Config.SERVER_NAME = p.SERVER_NAME_TEXT.getText(); ^ src\server\util\PanelSettings.java:342: error: cannot assign a value riable ADMIN_CAN_TRADE Config.ADMIN_CAN_TRADE = p.ADMINS_CAN_TRADE.isSelected(); ^ src\server\util\PanelSettings.java:343: error: cannot assign a value riable ADMIN_DROP_ITEMS Config.ADMIN_DROP_ITEMS = p.ADMINS_CAN_DROP.isSelected(); ^ src\server\util\PanelSettings.java:344: error: cannot assign a value riable ADMIN_CAN_SELL_ITEMS Config.ADMIN_CAN_SELL_ITEMS = p.ADMINS_CAN_SELL_ITEMS.isSelected(); The area the errors come from is as follows if (cmd.equalsIgnoreCase("Update Settings")) { boolean active = Config.DOUBLE_EXP; Config.SERVER_NAME = p.SERVER_NAME_TEXT.getText(); Config.LOGOUT_MESSAGE = p.LOGOUT_BUTTON_TEXT.getText(); Config.DEATH_MESSAGE = p.DEATH_MESSAGE_TEXT.getText(); Config.ADMIN_CAN_TRADE = p.ADMINS_CAN_TRADE.isSelected(); Config.ADMIN_DROP_ITEMS = p.ADMINS_CAN_DROP.isSelected(); Config.ADMIN_CAN_SELL_ITEMS = p.ADMINS_CAN_SELL_ITEMS.isSelected(); Config.MINI_GAMES = p.MINI_GAMES.isSelected(); Config.LOCK_EXPERIENCE = p.LOCK_EXPERIENCE.isSelected(); Config.DOUBLE_EXP = p.DOUBLE_EXPERIENCE.isSelected(); for (int i = 0; i < Config.MAX_PLAYERS; i++) { if (validClient(i)) { Client c2 = getClient(i); c2.getPA().sendFrame126(Config.LOGOUT_MESSAGE, 2458); } } return; } Thanks in advanced for any help!
  2. Do you have a source/client already: Yes, 317 PI, RealityScape Do you have a VPS: No, Will fund once the development is where I would like it to launch. Do you have a Forum: No, again will fund once development reaches. Quick summary on what your trying to accomplish: I want to have a serve that has the most unique and surprising features. I want it to be like no other.