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  1. 1 day left for the release, Join the Discord to stay updated!!! 3PM EST!!
  2. 2 days left for the release, Join the Discord to stay updated!!!
  3. Hellow Alorians, It's finally time. We have decided to relaunch Aldor. A lot of time and work has been put towards the release of Aldor to the public, I can happily say we have a set release date for Aldor. On Friday October 9th, 3PM EST, Aldor will be officially released to the public. This will make time for the last few kinks to be sorted between now and then. Everyone who joins on the release date will be getting a Member box. Thank you for your patience. In the meantime, everyone should let the the word out about Aldor so we can prepare for a HUGE community when the server is out! Will we get our Aldor donations back? Yes, to all of the people who have donated in the last month. Message 'Jamal' to get ur Aldor credits back. Are you hosting any giveaways for the release of Aldor? First to completionist: (Legend) 50M. OSRS First to Completionist: (Ironman) 50M. OSRS
  4. 9/25/2020 Update logs Content Added • Added the ability to make slayer rings after unlocking them. • Added weakness to Corperal Beast for Spears. • Added Blast Furnace with teleport @ Wizard. • Added God Cape (i) to mage arena minigame. • Added Manta/Sea Turtle fishing in Wildy Resource Area. • Added more content to Skeletal Horror drops. • Added some Master Cape effects; Agility - 50% energy depletion Thieving - 100% succcess rate Farming - Harvest more from your crops Cooking - 100% to cook food Fishing - Chance for double fish Mining - Chance for double ore • Added Wilderness Slayer • Added PoH Porltals • Added a few Clue Scroll Step npcs that were not on the spawnlist. • Added ropes west of brimhave to the island for a clue step. • Added ability to use Shaikahan bones on altar. • Remove Dpick from Chaos Dwarf drop table. • Added full function of Burthorpe stairs. Content Fixed • Fixed Easy Achievement diary showing medium hover text. • Fixed a few fishing nodes not giving proper fish. • Fixed NMZ Interface Overlay • Fixed a few npcs with no attack animations. • Fixed watering can. • Fishing Guild doors. • Dropped items in wilderness will now disappear. • Fixed leaving wilderness not removing you from pvp on rare occasions. • Fixed higher level fishing nodes. • Fixed PVP Armour is now tradable. 9/26/2020 UPDATE LOG ○ New Wilderness boss has been added. (Current drop table is subject to change.) ○ Player Kills now give 3x more tickets per kill. ○ Wilderness shop has been redone. • The 'Package' in the wilderness shop is a base low risk pking setup; (This is aimed at newer pkers to help them get back into the action more quickly with them being able to change their setup as they feel comfortable.) ○ Fixed the first 2 tiles in the wilderness, they are now safe. ○ Revenants will now count as ghosts for Wilderness Tasks. ○ The western side room in the Kalphite Hive is now a multi-combat area. Upon using, any items equipped and in your inventory will be deposited into your bank and you will receive;
  5. WE ARE GOING LIVE IN 5MIN https://aldorps.com/play.html
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