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  1. Welcome to Nexile's official project thread, We are striving to bring you the best content packed 317 PK economy server. We've been in the RSPS scene for many years and we know what players want, because we are also players. We will be offering 3 different game modes, Iron-Man, Hardcore Iron-Man and Normal game-play; There will also be options for you to select one of the pre-made kits. The pre-made kits consist of 3 options, Pure, Zerker and Hybrid. With those being added the items which come with the added pre-made kits , there items ofcourse will become invaluable and worthless, thus keeping the economy clean. Nexile Community Forum:Nexile Fully working God-wars. Fully working Solo and Team Dungeoneering. Several unique places to pk. 20+ bosses to enjoy killing alone or with friends. Fully working mini-games such as Fight Caves, Custom Graveyard arena, Fight pits and more. Fully working Grand Exchange. Over 100+ working achievements to obtain to grant you access to the almighty Completionist cape. Custom prestige shop and prestige system. Fully working summoning with familiars and scrolls. Fully working slayer including access to all dungeons and 4 various slayer masters. Custom in-game emoji's. 100% Clan chat system with loot share. 100% Bank features such as deposit all, bank tabs, etc. Star Sprite shop including depleting Shooting Stars Pre-made kits Pure, Hybrid or Zerker instant set-up for instant PKing Great Economy Nerfed amount of Runite ore given from caskets. ::dzone - faster access to donator zones, can not be used in wilderness , or in combat. Fire-Cape value has been set to 1gp, as they were sold for 800k / alch. construction has been pushed forward ( see below ). Started new Donator benefits depending upon rank will see great benefits, (nothing OP). Anti-Dragon shield & DFS will now protect you 75% from dragons breath attacks. Reduced Runite ore price from 196k to 80k. Whips price adjusted to 5milion. Fishing will now give you fish. Defence requirement to Dragon skirt. Edge Portal at nomad works. DFS special will no longer take you out of combat. Corrected missing data in the Overload potions. Fletching animation will now loop until logs used. Fishing has been fixed perfectly. CPUBans for staff has been upgraded, and will ban them immediately after typing it. Magic shortbows and longbows Special attack, has been buffed. Supplies tab at the Donation Store has been dropped by 50%. Bork has been buffed. 50% OFF well of goodwill for weekends. The money which you start with in dungeoneering has been doubled. The food in dungeoneering now heals a lot more than before. Certain XP rates have been tweaked as requested. Note that no major overhauls will be done to them in the near future, to maintain the fairness of the game. You will now receive 5 extra loyalty points every time you gain a level, and 2,500 loyalty points once you reach a 99. An issue with the loyalty title interface purchasing the wrong titles has been resolved. A permanent Fire has been added to donator zone for a constant cooking / bonfire. The portal at clan wars will now move you home and not another portal. The login message when a staff member gets on has been removed. Dungeoneering works now (All 4 rooms). Avas acumulator fixed. 50% bonus exp from the well of good will for 125m was 100m for 30%. PC Points reduced to 10. Ragefire, steadfast, glaivens now tradeable, price fixed in g.e. Godwars killcount for gold members, is fixed. Removed all bars from mining store & reduce amount of ores he sells. Removed alot of logs from the firemaking store. Moved the Prayer teleport location to the correct spot. You can now sell noted items to the thieving shop for the same value. Ironman modes information button in game, now goes to the correct thread. Vengeance will now reset when entering Dungeoneering. Slayer Helm + Full Slayer Helm, stat bonuses are fixed. Players Online / Offline now works ( Nexile has just logged in ). Re-wrote the player encoding chats - can now use " " etc. Quick update to bring in some fixes and patches and some additional content, The following items have been added to the Slayer point exchange store Legendary Mystery Box. Fury(or). Mystery Box. Zamarokian spear. Black Mask. Other patches: Invalid points given at Pest Control is fixed. Charming imps are no longer trade-able. PvP Armour and weapons will now degrade. Gamble / Lotto has been added into edgeville ( Home ) in the bank. Dice bags now cost 250mill coins to prevent new people from trying to scam. (They're none refundable and none trade able). Donator Benefits: The benefits that are to come will involve , Points rewarded per Pest Control game, will be increased depending on rank Loyalty points gained, will be increased depending on rank Possibility to catch 2 fish per action , depending on rank 10 % smaller chance of burning food, depending on rank 15% chance to burn an additional log while firemaking, giving you twice the XP. 0 Kill-count requirement to enter God Wars Dungeon bosses (Default is 25 kill-count) ( depending on rank ). Chance of double drops in PVM, just as if they were wearing a ring of wealth, but they don't need to wear it. (This doesn't mean that if you do wear one it's 4x'd) ( depending on rank ) The Donator zone even as an owner, i will say, is cruddy; It gives poor benefits to donators. I'm not going to add anything stupid, that gives Donators a massive unfair advantage over others, hence the above mentioned is not going to ruin the economy, nor non-donators game play. Bringing another bunch of bug fix's , Typo corrections and so forth. You can now make Amulet of fury (or) with the following items Ornament Kit Amulet of fury The ornament kit will be coming to a monsters drop table fairly soon, this will include a new boss to kill. Dragon Med Helm, now requires 60 Defence to equip. Hexcres & Focus sight will now go to your helmet slot and not weapon. Rune Throwing axes now require 40 range to use. Wizard boots now have the correct stat bonuses. ::thread ID , will take you to a thread on the forums, example ( ::thread 18 ). Typos in multiple dialogues, have been fixed. A new starter kit has replaced a major portion of the money given in Dung. You can no longer use Dwarf Cannon after you prestige ranged ( if you left it set up ). Dragonkin Lamps are now available in the Dungeoneering Shop , The reward 1.1M skill EXP in any skill. Drop rates for Revenant Implings has been changed. Voting scrolls now have a set value of 4mill, and can now be sold in the grand exchange or traded. Dragonkin Lamps reduced from 30,000 Dungeoneering points to 15,000. You can now make super restores. Farseer & Eagle-Eye shields have been added to the Dungeoneering Store. Revenants have been removed from their old locations along with the access point, and are now in the wilderness. All Brawling Gloves can now be bought / examined in the Prestige Point Store. You can now open the Grand Exchange, from any side of the NPC. Diamond - Platinum can now use ::bank The slayer helmet can now be combined with 'Hexcrest' and 'Focus Sight' to create a 'Full Slayer helmet'. It also has its actual effect now. Rather than boosting effect, it boosts damage by 12% on your current task. The regular slayer helmet only works for melee attacks, while the full slayer helmet works for all types of attacks. The hexcrest & focus sights are dropped by jungle/desert strykewyrms. Farming will now tell you which seed has fully grown & the location (Your Guam plant is fully grown - Location). Using fire attacks against Glacors has had a buff. Inferno adze now has its effect ( random chance of burning logs at the same time as wcing ). Using full lumberjacks outfit will grant double exp in woodcutting. Corporal Beast has had a slight DE-buff. Casket Rewards Nerfed a little. Saradomin / Zammy / Guthix armours now require 40 defence to equip. Diamond - Platinum Godwars kill-count fixed upon entrance. Star-Sprite - stardust shop has been added & can be found west of edge bank. Here is a list of some items available in the star dust store: Marmaros Pickaxe Inferno Adze Lumberjacks outfit RoyalMaster outfit The following Tele tabs have been added to the Magic store -> Runes selection Varrock Lumbridge Falador Camelot Ardougne WatchTower Updates Continued.. The Chaos Elemental has been moved South-West of its old location and has been DE-buffed. Bork's HP has been buffed. You can now use Iron arrows with shortbow / Longbow. New boss + Abyssal Dagger introduced. Armadyl Crossbow added, Dropped by Sara Godwars boss. (Commander Zilyana). Marmoros pickaxe now protects over none-valuable items such as gems. Abyssal dagger spec will now use 50% and not 55%. Links in the quest tab now take you to the correct locations -> Report, Rules. Dark Beasts are no longer aggressive. All Defenders now require their correct Defence lvls to equip. Granite Armour now requires 55 defence to equip. Slayer helm now requires 20 defence and not 60 -> according to Rs-WIKI. Flared trousers now in the fancy clothing store. You will now gain Smithing experience and not just mage, when using Superheat on ores. Platinums Godwars killcount should now be fixed. Credits: Swiffy - Source Nexile - Developer England - Graphics Designer