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  1. Does the Interface Show up when you log in for first time?
  2. Have you check if the Firewall is not blocking the port?
  3. Hello and Welcome to ChaoticX! After a few updates and bug fixes we finaly made our Server Online. If you like the Pictures come join us, check it out. To Keep this Server 24/7 Online we are thankfull for every Suggestion and will fix every bug. Media: Features: Links + Download:
  4. I'm still searching, if you are intressed pm me!
  5. Hello there! I am currently looking for a Team on my new 718 Server. Like: - Ingame Administrator/s - Ingame Moderator/s - Ingame Supporter - GFX Designer - Forum Moderator/s To my Person: My Name is George, M, 20 I had to quit a great Server a few years ago because of my Job. But now i have more free time and want to start again. My Server is hosted on a powerfull VPS and i have a Name and a Domain already. Stuff like Vote4Cash, Highscores and Auto Donating is already set up with MySQL. The Client is also Ready if you like to take a look. I will send you the Details via pm or on Skype. If you are Intressed and active, you can send me a pm on here, or add me on Skype (george_c1996). Also you can comment and i will contact you. Thank you, George
  6. Georgios

    718 client

    Is your Server online? Cause i had the same error once because of my server wasn't correctly online.