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  1. Hey guys, I've currently been told by a friend to post an advertisement asking for Skype mass messages. The payment will be in Bitcoin ONLY. Thanks, Legitimacy
  2. It would impact the waiting list because of cheaper ads. Heres why: So not all RSPS like myself have a LARGE budget for advertisement. This means that we would not be able to afford the FULL $150 for the homepage Ad space right. However most RSPS have enough money to buy advertisement space whether it'd be $25 or whether it'd be $50. This means more people are prone to see the ad space as affordable and purchase it meaning that the popularity of the runelocus advertisement space would go up. The more affordable something is, the more people who want the ad space. Thats how it works. Theres a website out there called RS2AD and the reason it does so well and so many people buy from it is due to the prices they charge on their website. I was speaking to the owner about maybe getting a Runelocus Ad space on RS2AD however I don't have the owners on Skype and I'm not sure if the owner of RS2AD actually comes on too frequently. Do let me know what you think though and I hope I've explained myself well. Kind regards, Legitimacy
  3. Hello Rune-Locus, Today I had a fantastic idea. I thought that the advertisement space on RuneLocus was way too long. In more depth as you can see you MUST purchase at least 30 days for $150 and can purchase no less: However I believed that 30 days was a bit too long to be a minimum length. I have decided however to suggest to limit that to 10 days minimum. This would allow RuneLocus members to buy some advertisement for cheaper meaning that more people will be able to afford is (because after all, $50 is more affordable than $150. Overall, I feel this would generate a lot more revenue in the long run for RuneLocus as more people will be buying advertisement space on this website. Kind regards, Legitimacy.
  4. Ok fair point. I do however think that the awards should be placed above the users name rather than below it. This would make the awards a priority to individuals who want to see what users actually have rather than the last thing they see.
  5. Well to be fair it could actually stack with your pips too. You don't need the actual rank (well in the context I'm talking about it). It would be like: Jr Coordinator Programmer Dragon for you. However if you still object to the idea, I'd love to know why and what your opinion of this feature is.
  6. I understand that it is an award but I was thinking of turning it into a rank. You see where you have a mod crown, there would be a cup of coffee to symbolise Java and a pip to symbolise it. I think that this would be a little bit reputable as currently I feel as if not many people view awards. I'd love to hear more of your feedback. It would just help people with sales as they could see "Oh this person is a programmer for Rune-locus, lets hire him" Kind regards, Legitimacy!
  7. Hello Runelocus Mods/Admins I have decided to put in a suggestion today. I think a programmer rank should be added into Runelocus so that people with a good programming knowledge should have the ability to be praised. Programmers would be voted every fortnight by either staff or people who think they are worthy of the rank. Kind regards, Legitimacy