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  1. Why lie and say you avoid pay to win have you not even looked at your donor packs i mean one cost 2000$ get over yourself
  2. one of those shitty servers they make you signup to their forums before you can play
  3. been on this server a few times never seen an owner get on yet and for over a week now ive noticed the shop sells d skimmys for 100k and buys then back for 150k lol
  4. Lol what topic should you use for trying to take people from runelocus to your own site?
  5. 718 isnt 742+ got my hopes up for a new server for nothing. Also your discord link doesnt work
  6. pay to win they sell custom pvm gear for 100$ to be a donor there is a monthly fee you only buy 30 days at a time
  7. This server is a lost cause the owner will cuss you out if you just bring up a bug you find that someone else has happen to already tell him about. This happen at least once a day while i played. the client its self isnt ready for launch glory ammy among many others have no stats. But if you want to play this server dont you dare bring that up.
  8. who is going to be the first brave person to download and let us know if this is real
  9. I was the first and owner donor on this server and he added a night system where you cant see your items i complained about it and the owner own had to say i was a pussy and if i dont like night time play a different server. wow this one is ran by a 12 yr old. I paid 15$ for a blow pipe and it didnt come with ammo or a way to get ammo so i said something his response then was i only run the server i dont know about that stuff
  10. I agree it sucks now that the day/ night system is going on but lets give him a chance to go back to normal but im right with you if nothing is done by tomorrow im quitting the server also seeing how he ignored you guys in discord is just sad