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  1. Thanks for posting images, I am still trying to learn about rune server. I wish to learn so I can help you at free of cost and give my time.
  2. Welcome to Runelocus, I am also bit new here
  3. OMG! I recently start learning programming and currently I am on PHP/MySQL, I will also learn Java but after reading your thread I got scared that it will take long time to learn and remember this all commands so I can use it when required.
  4. Thank you for great information, I use Notepad++ which is really good for me and even easy to open and does not take long time to open like many other software.
  5. Use normal table and put box on your table. You can put books,copy, cd,etc in box and place your monitor upon Box. I do not use designed tables. normal study table is enough
  6. I think encrypting HTML code is not so useful because of no one will want to encrypt their html code. Everyone want to encrypt function code but with HTML why anyone will encrypt their structure? I mean I will encrypt php code because of it contain function while HTML does not contain major function and only use for graphic design.
  7. Can you make a video of RSPS game which show that its running on a Windows PC or server?
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  9. Owner of a Web hosting company and also I have some website. All are online, no any offline business ;/
  10. I am agree with Arix but other method can be use like charging tax but by different method, means charge double TAX and donate it to poor peoples who need it. I mean If tax is 20% then charge then 40% or 30% and give this money to poor peoples who need this. By doing this it will be use for good purpose and don't call it TAX, call it "Donation" or "good work for poverty"
  11. I provide web hosting services since last 6 years and today I am providing a free website hosting for RuneLocus members, Please read requirement before placing a order. If you run a RSPS game server and looking for hosting your "website" or blog (not RSPS server) then you can use my free service. We will count you as a premium customer and not free. It means we will treat you as a premium and valuable customer. [B]Hosting Plan for RSPS:[/B] 1GB Disk Space 100GB monthly bandwidth cPanel Softaculous Installer php/MySQL IonCube Every next day backup Fast Page loading speed [B]Requirement:[/B] 1x back-link to our site. (header) [B]How to place a order?[/B] [URL="https://www.dewlance.com/client/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=2&subject=I need RSPS Free Hosting - Runelocus"][B]Click here[/B][/URL] and provide your domain name, info about your runescape. [B]Note:[/B] We will host your website on our server, Every year you will need to just open a ticket that you want to continue your account and there is no any other requirement.
  12. As I understand you provide a service for making a server, designing, coding client? What will be price for complete design and coding client? (Install rsps server on VPS, configure it, limit players, design client side and can prevent cheating?)
  13. I like GTA, RSPS and Minecraft but never play plants vs zm.