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  1. This is a pretty sick account, jealous of that 99 herblore.
  2. [quote name='Ziek`']Then why did you link them to a thread that doesn't exist? That seems really sketchy. Also, two of the vouches seem to be about gold selling, which we don't allow here due to the insane amount of scams in the past. Therefore, those two vouches are moot here.[/QUOTE] They don't link to anything, I just copy pasted them from Rune-Server. Regardless of whether you allow gold selling here or not, the vouches still serve their purpose. If anyone thinks this is sketchy you can message me on Rune-Server for proof, same username.
  3. [quote name='Ziek`']Any particular reason you're posting [b]fake[/b] vouches?[/QUOTE] I said above them that these are my vouches from Rune-Server, I just started here.
  4. [CENTER] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/aV0Pgas.png[/IMG] My name is Nick and I have been working on servers for years. I have experience working with every source that is out there, Hyperion, PI, Apollo, Asteria, you name it. Whatever work you need done I can do it fast and it will be done right. [B]Previous work: [/B] I have developed for many servers over the years, the most recent being TorvaX. I have some project threads and tutorial releases that you can check out in my posts history as well. [B]Examples of things I can do:[/B] Anything server side. Fix any dupe or bug. Custom bosses. Custom skills or minigames. Highscores, Donations, Voting. Bank tabs. Any revision data. Bug fixes. Perfect Xp drops or custom ones. Custom interfaces. Cache packed interfaces. [SIZE=5][B]Skype: [/B] ancient-nick I can do anything just ask! Add me on Skype or post below to get a quote![/SIZE] My vouches are currently from rune-server but I hope to build a reputation here as well! [B]Vouches[/B] [quote name='Mr Synful']Vouch, Purchased a certain amount, I went first, Received the gold not even a minute after![/QUOTE] [quote name='ipkmills']Transaction went smooth trusted for now. will let you know for recovery attempts for now hes trusted.[/QUOTE] [quote name='Hatchetmane']100% vouch for this guy!. i have nick on skype and hes helped me with anything from client side to server side. Smart guy anything ive asked hes figured out but ofc sometimes he made me pay him if it took him awhile. Good luck man![/QUOTE] [/CENTER]
  5. Add my skype: ancient-nick