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  1. Hey guys im looking for a updated 667 cache editor... I need to change my client background but it wont pack... so please if you could link me thank you,
  2. Yea it is in the right pixels, im guessing its something to do with packing the cache cause it doesnt change it.
  3. Hey guys i am trying to change my client background using a sprite editor and i have replaced all the background pictures and cut it in 8 pieces and i hit pack to cache but it doesnt pack and does not change the background, I am using a 667 server Extinction server PLEASE HELP!
  4. Hey I'm not the best coder or anything but a quick advice would be make sure you go over your code every time you make a change because Java coding can be very annoying with Capitals.
  5. Need help how do i fix this? i was fixing and moving shops to the home location I have chose which is edgeville. but then when I compiled it it said this and everytime i log in it will freeze when i try run. [url]https://gyazo.com/ec31d8c69aba9acc101c622581bccdbd[/url]
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    Rsps help please

    [quote name='StevenAbraham']change the IP in your client[/QUOTE] i Have tho, i dont know why its not working here is a picture : [url]http://gyazo.com/a926af0807196e22c8381511ddadc026[/url]
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    Rsps help please

    Hey guys i need help please i keep getting the connection error retrying in 5 Error please help me [url]http://gyazo.com/a926af0807196e22c8381511ddadc026[/url] I have the cache in the correct place my c:\ PLEASE HELP!
  8. Hey guys i've always wanted to start my own RSPS and so far everything is going well but i have an issue with the compiler and error connecting to server, Here is the issue with the compiler : [url]http://gyazo.com/f8b5d34e4369d41531c6c7745b34211b[/url] What do i do to fix that issue? Also for my error connecting to server i have gone into the Client.Java and have changed ip to mine and all but i still cant log in?
  9. It would be better if you used an online host for 5$ a month its very cheap
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    Requesting help

    hire someone would be better
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    Extreme Novice

    I honestly would just recommend you using A host to set you up with others playing on your server because it is much more easier.. and very cheap
  12. Make sure you check if you changed your JDK to the Jdk you have i know this happens to me too when i havent changed it. I hope that helps
  13. Change the client Ip address go into Client Folder then find Client.java and search for And change it to your own Ip it should load for you.