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  1. every 30 seconds or so when my server is running I get this string of errors: [attachment=103:7bbe9aba05ff1a1248fb397723e72cdc.jpg] I have no idea what to do. I host the server through eclipse on a vps, the errors don't seem to cause problems but 2 or 3 times a day the server crashes and that's the only thing I could think of that would be causing it to crash.
  2. RSPSSam

    VPS Help

    [quote name='xketoo']change the client ip im guessing it was to the vps ip jar and it people should be able to get on[/QUOTE] turned out it was vps firewall, thanks tho :)
  3. RSPSSam

    Banker Help

    Both my :prezone and ::vipzone are underground, vipzone is in iban's tomb and I'm not sure what the prezone loc is called, but the coords are 2585 9424 4. Banks and bankers in these places don't work (2213 and 494) even though they work in all above ground places which I've tested. What could be causing this?
  4. RSPSSam

    VPS Help

    I've bought a VPS and I have it loaded onto my computer, I downloaded eclipse on it and I copied my source, cache, and client files to it. How do I run the server off the VPS and make sure the client connects to it? (I'll jar the client by exporting from eclipse to send it to friends) Edit: Am I able to export the server and the client into runnable jars from my computer then just copy and paste the server jar onto the vps and run it there? Without installing eclipse/JDK/JRE
  5. EDIT: Fixed it, I'm just an idiot and didn't update shops.cfg I'm new to this... My source came with a pk point shop terrible for the economy so I decided to go in and change the items in it. I removed all the stupid items and replaced most of them with untradeables, I did this in *ShopAssistant.java and saved the changes, restarted the server, and reloaded my client, but nothing in the shop has changed. Here's the code: /* * Begin pk shop points */ public int getPkPoints(int id) { switch (id) { case 7462: // barrow gloves return 20; case 12954: // dragon defender return 100; case 10551: // fighter torso return 80; case 10548: // fighter hat return 35; case 10547: // healer hat return 35; case 8849: // addy defender return 5; case 8850: // rune defender return 15; case 7460: // rune gloves return 5; case 7461: // dragon gloves return 12; case 6570: // fire cape return 40; case 3144: // karambwan return 1; case 11517: // super combat potion return 3; case 2528: // 1m xp lamp return 175; case 4447: // 35k xp lamp return 5; } return 10000; }