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  1. Awesome updates on this server. Especially like the new client adds more of a unique feel. Come check it out.
  2. Infinite-Era is awesome. Everyone should check it out. Royal Pking is released for everyone to try and it adds a bit of Pk fun to the server
  3. This server is awesome. Now the drop rate is better, the server is alive with awesome drops. Plus the change of ironman getting jail instead of loss of xp is a great way to increase the difficulty. Come check it out.
  4. I found this server a while ago now. It has come so far since I joined but I have loved every minute of playing it. The staff are friendly and the community is always helpful (most of the time I need the help :D). I have seen the owner and developer quite often and they are always thinking of new ways to improve the server or even fix the problems at the time. I would recommend this server to everyone.