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  1. so you would say it doesn't have something to do with the game mechanics.....?
  2. Hi, i am wondering for some time now, why the older versions are so popular? I really tried to play it but the graphic keeps me on distance. i dont see so much difference between those old school and the newer. even the map for both of them look similar. i would if possible switch instantly to the newest version. i've seen a trailer and fell in love with it, but for now i toy around with 718 don't take it personal, i am just curious that's all. greets
  3. Since i got so many answers its time for another question,, its about pic 4 the price mismatch of the dragon helm. tried to find the np, the item and the price in shop.java, unpacked shops.txt, npchandler.java, npcspawning.java... but couldnt find it. so where can i cange the price and how can i get the ids of custom shops? Thanks
  4. Cause the tutorial/help section couldnt help me here some questions. 1. im using the BoomScape Client (pic1) but want the Quest Journal from the Matrix Client (pic2). how can i do that? Simply swap some files? 2. i want to modify the level of the boss monsters. where can i do that? (boss only) 3. want to completly remove the welcome mesage. (not just changeing the text pic 3) hope you can help me.
  5. Thanks Bluemachine. the IP and Mysql problem are solved ;)
  6. can you explain me please: Remove SQL.... how to do. im new to this. would be really nice. thanks another question: FAQ says i can edit the ip in client.java however dont find the ip
  7. thanks works like a charm! how can i fix the errors? ty