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  1. [quote name='Hope']Dear god, I hope you're kidding about that 1GB/5-10 people..... If you're not, then I feel bad for the servers you've worked on.[/QUOTE] So what's your estimate in this then? How much memory for how many people have you experienced?
  2. Awesome, thanks for the advice! Do you have any idea what size server would be required for 25-50 players? I thought it would be less than 1gb ram to host that many..
  3. -My apologies to the moderators if this is not in the appropriate section, please move if it isn't. Hello guys! Finally got my server online and running, just playing with friends currently. I've looked through VPS hosters and can't find much information up to date of 2015. Could anyone give me some information for hosting my server on a VPS, preferably WITH DDoS protection and mitigation. I'm not looking for anything massive, just a company to host my server with a potential player base of 25-50 players at most at the moment. I don't see very many VPS hosting companies that offer full DDoS mitigation when it comes to RSPS. A price range of less than $15-$20 a month would be great. If anyone could suggest any, thank you very much!
  4. I saw someone said d'claws work. For me I can equip and use normal attack, but no special attack? Is special attack coded and supposed to work? AND to all the guys asking how to spawn... it's ::pickup item# amount# so for example, 1m coins is ::pickup 995 1000000
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    I'm new to RSPS and not experienced with coding at all. So, obviously I may come off as a complete noob. But I need help with my 317 I've been working on. YES, I have followed the "make your own RSPS 317 guide" and am able to play the server on my own PC. The problems lie where I can not get others on the server. 1) When I portforwarded, I opened port 43594 but I'm not sure what IP to foward out TO? (Can't use my router's IP or PC's IP.. I heard I can use IPv4 Address under ipconfig on my PC?) 2) I sent my friend Client folder(including everything for client, NO source). And everytime he opens client and is on the login screen, he gets error connecting to server? --(YES, I have a No-ip setup and have no-ip running with host open, I changed every "server = " inside the client.java and gui.java to MY no-ip host address) 3) I JAR'ed the client folder and sent it to my friend as Play.jar and clicking it does nothing. No client, no command menu, no .txt, nothing. I used JARmaker but apparently something didn't work? 4) My compiler is messed up but least important to me right now.. I can play the server on my PC, but could anyone walk me through what I need to send to others to play my server, and why they can't play? So much thanks to anyone who can help!