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  1. Name: Matthew Age: 19 Timezone: CST How long have you been coding Java?: 2-3 years on and off What experience have you had? (e.g. projects involved in): small PI server (don't remember the name) and I worked on a ruse server Are you willing to work hand in hand with other developers?: yes What is your Skype? horjwire Other information: lots of free time, not too familiar with the runescape private servers APIs but if i put a little effort into it i can learn it as i go
  2. tropicpsycho

    Ruse bug

    I've been encountering a bug on the ruse source where I get a message "You are already under attack" when I am not... Players are also saying that they are not able to eat or tele some times. I'm not sure if these bugs are related... Does anyone know what is causing this? Does anyone know a possible solution to this bug? Thanks a bunch!
  3. I can't use my VPN on the RSPS I play when I try to log on to the RSPS I play I get, "Error connecting to server. Please try connecting again!". Anyone know why this is happening? Anyone know a way around it?
  4. post your skype username if you're interested
  5. I have a website, vps, source, and client, I was working on this server for about a week but I no longer have the time I need to work on the server. I need someone to code for me, you will receive half of all donations once i recoup the fees i had to make the server
  6. [quote name='Dev Gert']did you compile?[/QUOTE] I'm using eclipse to run it
  7. Trying to add objects in the customobjectspawns.java but no new objects will spawn... The objects that were already added to customobjectspawns.java when I donwloaded the source are added but when I try to add new ones the will not spawn in game. I'm coding a zamorak server... not sure if that's the base or not. please help. thanks!
  8. When i change my appearance and hit accept it doesn't change until i equip or unequip an item.... where can i fix this? what am i looking for? thanks!
  9. Come join us! [url]http://archaicrsps.com/[/url] Download: [url]http://archaicrsps.com/download/[/url] Archaic is a 317 Economy server. The server is lead by mature & fully dedicated team. We have an awesome staff team who is always avaliable to help you. Archaic offers you a widespread content all around the map featuring different Quests & Achivements to complete. At Archaic, we even have fully working highscores for you to compete with other players. We strive for a perfect gaming experience & even the smallest details are important to us. Our key is to provide as bug-free and as enjoyable content as possible! Archaic Features - Features - Loading 602 Data with 474 Maps Fullscreen/Resizable/Fixed F-Keys Zooming Highscores Vote System Auto Donate Awesome Donator benefit All skills working Active community Frequent Updates Stable / No Lag Quests Perfected Slayer system. Flawless combat Helpful & Active staff Full Jad Good economy Good drop rates - Bosses - Godwars KBD Dagannoths Kalphite Queen Corporal Beast Tormented Demons Chaos Elemental Glacors - Minigames - Duel Arena Barrows Fight Pits Fight Cave Ranging Guild Warriors Guild Castle Wars Barrows Castle Wars Jad + Fullscreen + Resizable Warriors Guild Corp Dice Donor shop Duel Arena
  10. anyone else getting this problem? Cannot construct lucifer.game.npc.NPC as it does not have a no-args constructor
  11. found case 202 but where's the actual counter so i can change the time it waits until it automatically logs you out?
  12. [quote name='Game Master']Split "50/50" - yet the developer would be doing all the work.[/QUOTE] i think he wants someone to teach him as they go