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  1. Im having issues loading client can someone skype me and help please?
  2. try ::item(space) and id number(space) amount
  3. i figured it out thank you.
  4. Your pretty rude. Can you not simply ask....? And to answer your question; No commands work.
  5. Im trying to add commands and they are not working. Also, unable to change welcome note. Any hep i would be very grateful.
  6. Which that's what im doing. I will pay a fixed price for finished product or some people like the fact they can get a contentious profit as long as server is going. I see it as an investment lol. I can code server just never done 317 and its not same i found out. Im not looking for full code of server from scratch. Im looking for someone to edit drop rates welcome messages commands and name change. Also add a few new codes(death cape) and items like chest c keys etc.
  7. I would be willing to pay more if necessary. That why I posted just trying to get this going.
  8. Plzkillmen0w


    I personally think it is up to the person. It is their life and i think they should be able to choose what they do with it. If they decide life isnt worth living or that the have lived long enough to end it so be it. Only thing I suggest is to think about the people it may hurt and be left wondering what went wrong.
  9. Same here those are the best times. Im not fan of rs3 format. Been looking for a server i enjoy and havent been able to find one and best idea is to start own server. The issue is i cant code. I have ran servers before just looking for a partner who can code and i will split 50/50 after we pay vps and other maintenance to server.

  10. hey whats up man, I just recently started looking to start again. Im from the old days of 317

  11. Hello, Im currently looking for a partner to help build a server. I do not know how to code myself so i am looking for someone who has experience in coding. Willing to do 50/50 or pay outright. Pm me if you are interested in more info.