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  1. I get it completely installed no errors. When I log out it lags out and says a bunch of stuff on the server cmd and doesnt save to highscores.
  2. Bugged I logged on and it keeps saying emssages on a loop and black screen
  3. ZappyFun

    GTL Vote Help

    Ive got it 100% installed but in this part how do i reward the voter 1m cash? [code] if (playerCommand.equalsIgnoreCase("check") || playerCommand.equalsIgnoreCase("reward")) { try { VoteReward reward = Server.vote.hasVoted(c.playerName.replaceAll(" ", "_")); if(reward != null){ switch(reward.getReward()){ case 0: //rewards break; case 1: //etc default: c.sendMessage("Reward not found."); break; } c.sendMessage("Thank you for voting."); } else { c.sendMessage("You have no items waiting for you."); } } catch (Exception e){ c.sendMessage("[GTL Vote] A SQL error has occured."); } } [/code]
  4. I got the website part working but there was no guide on how to connect it to the server what do i do? current highscores: [url]http://zaryte-rsps.net46.net/highscores.php[/url]
  5. [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?99807-How-to-add-your-server-client-in-Eclipse!&p=779199[/url] I think this is what your after.
  6. Step 3: Start. Now comes the tricky part.. To start your server, type java path-to-server (usually) For instance: Java does not want extensions. If your main server file is called Server.class, and it is located in /palidino76/rs2/Server.class, you would type this: java palidino76.rs2.Server If it requires params for a port java palidino76.rs2.Server 43594 How do I know what my main class is? Can someone help me on skype or something? Skype: IronRopeIkov
  7. Code they give you in setup tab store link: [url]http://rsps-pay.com/store.php?id=2228&tab=1868[/url] public void rspsdata(Player player, String username){ try{ username = username.replaceAll(" ","_"); String secret = "pmmeifneeded"; //YOUR SECRET KEY! String email = "[email protected]"; //This is the one you use to login into RSPS-PAY URL url = new URL("http://rsps-pay.com/includes/listener.php?username="+username+"&secret="+secret +"&email="+email); BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(url.openStream())); String results = reader.readLine(); if(results.toLowerCase().contains("!error:")){ //Logger.log(this, "[RSPS-PAY]"+results); }else{ String[] ary = results.split(","); for(int i = 0; i < ary.length; i++){ switch(ary[i]){ case "0": //donation was not found tell the user that! break; case "FIRSPRODUCTID": //product ids can be found on the webstore page //add items for the first product break; case "SECONDPRODUCTID": //product ids can be found on the webstore page //add items for the second product here! break; } } } }catch(IOException e){} }
  8. Im about to play are you online?
  9. Im pming you now.
  10. However when I open it nothing happens?
  11. Are there any tutorials how to make a donator shop with rpay using donator points?