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  1. [quote name='falconpunch']Ah, your issue is that you're using chronicscape. Yep, that about fixes it. Use a different 718, you can't use Eclipse and you'll have tons of issues. but if you insist, make sure the loader sub build (client sided) and settings (server sided) build are the same. It should be a number like 1,3,5 or 7[/QUOTE] I can find it in loader.java client side but theres no settings.java or anything server side where might I find it in the source? Or just do you have a better 718 recommendation with a lot of cool features lol
  2. 50k RS Gps to the first cock sucker to help me
  3. Huge noob right here cannot get this server to start working, its ChronicScape 718 final release and when I try to run it this happens; [attachment=42:5a2fb660c3b421929476a3bb8e81215f.jpg] I have changed IP and port and all that and still being a noob, help pl0x It says checking for updates for Chronicscape - 0%