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  1. [CENTER][SIZE=3]Hey Guys! Me and my buddy are working on a project. But we both have the same level of knowledge about coding, which we aren't beginners. but we are average at the best. So we are looking for some one that wont only help us with our project, but to help us expand our knowledge as-well. I can give my contact info in any way, just ask for it. Thanks for reading guys! We hope to hear from you soon!!! Feel free to reply post![/SIZE][/CENTER]
  2. [FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=4][CENTER]Hello, I am fairly new to creating a Rsps and i am looking for a partner who might be able to assist me in such. I am a very reliable person and easy to work with so don't worry about me bossing you around or anything. The things i need help with are the technicals basically, I need somebody who is good at coding and can teach me to do so aswell. Also put some nice planning into the source/client to make sure we can get a nice rsps for everyone to play. The things i can guarantee. *Pay for a vps to have it online *Advertise and design homepages and banners *Very fast learner so if i get the right person i can code in no-time *Set up donation system through paypal *And much more If you wish to contact me to talk about this please add me on skype at codyclark4545 or just inbox me on Rune-Locus Thanks so much! :) Here is some of my work below :)[/CENTER][/SIZE][/FONT] [SIZE=3]Banner for previous rsps[/SIZE] [attachment=37:banner.jpg] [SIZE=3]home page for previous rsps[/SIZE] [attachment=38:Homescreen.jpg]
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    YouTube vs Vimeo

    youtube for sure... where has the mainstream gone to?
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    yes. i know what you mean.