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  1. Hi all, I am having some trouble figuring out how to set up the game to write to a MySQL Database with the character information. Ideally I would like all the information that is saved in the character file under "data\characters" to be saved in a table that can then be called through php on my website. - This can be used as a modCP or just in a My Account section. I have set up highscores before through MySQL and understand it is the same kind of process but I just cannot figure it out. Would love if someone could help me, all advice is welcome Also, I have only mainly worked on a 317 server in the past, this is my first 718 server. - My source was Validus. If it is the same method as a 317 then I will follow a tutorial already online and make changes as I'm going through it. - It just seems to be a lot different in the way it is set up. Thanks! [attachment=34:charsig-1.png]