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  1. An open-source Kotlin framework. Very interesting, and I'll certainly be watching.
  2. Recent Updates: Pikkupstix' Summoner Shop has been added for Ironman accounts, apparently I forgot a good portion of the Taverly shops - I will work to add those Rewrote Shooting Stars to be much more efficient and less cluttered ;;empty command dialogue rewritten and easier to understand for foreign English speakers ;;empty command dialogue now always active no matter how many times you use the command Global Chat initiator (typing ! before any text) dialogue rescripted to be of more professional demeanor Dialogue error patched in the Skiller entrance of the Initiation quest to Pauper Starter dialogue modified to be more oriented towards first-time-RuneScape players Algorithm for mining delay now relies on the player's mining level by 7% more Coal, mithril, adamant, and runite ore are all now eligible to receive the random gemstone reward Algorithm redone so that the level of ore you are mining comes into effect on the chance of receiving a gemstone, as well as the player's mining level Gemstone chance, due to this, is significantly lowered ROW now has +20% on gemstone chance, instead of +15% Shooting Stars rewritten again, and tested to functionality Player is interrupted when the star's stage changes, so they cannot afk it Dialogue of Shooting Stars altered slightly to be more understandable TzHaar-Mej-Roh's Rune Store, TzHaar-Hur-Lek's Ore and Gem Store, & TzHaar-Hur-Tel's Equipment Store now available shops, that accepts tokkul as it's form of currency Coal able to be purchased from TzHaar-Hur-Lek's store Tokkul based shops will sell for 1/3 of the item's original price in tokkul Lava flow mining now grants 1-5 tokkul per successful mine Trap hunter rates now more successful, NPCs still do not target traps yet On top of this, I've been paying much more attention to the server and updates will continue to flow. To hopefully bolster my expectancy for Pauper with the community, I have also purchased premium listings on 3 different toplists to try to boost the community a bit more; and to show that I am still in this server financially. Furthermore, the new host upgrade we recently purchased, the server will be able to hold a growing community much easier. Pauper has been online for 3 consecutive years and has no intention of going under.
  3. Due to the complaints and my own personal hassle, Pauper has gotten a host upgrade! https://pauperps.com/community/showthread.php?tid=74
  4. G-G-Gemu-sama!? UwU you finally release update senpaiii?~~ That make me ah-happy happy ^-^ <33 Mudskipper Point has been added!: Fishing explosives are sold in the Slayer Shop Fishing explosives cost 60,138GP each Using a fishing explosive on an ominous fishing spot at Mudskipper Point will spawn a Mogre to fight Mogres drop flippers & mudskipper hats at a rare rate Mudskipper Point can be accessed quickly using the Fairy Ring code A, I, Q Agility rates have been nerfed and mediated to represent each XP rate's tier, instead of the one standard rate we've had for so long. Totally forgot about that one! Hehe p.s. there's also a little something something i've been working on in the shadows. we might be diving into dungeons soon enough! EDIT: Right. Addressing the "really big update" patch. That isn't happening! I will postpone those last remaining updates until we launch publicly. In the meantime, I will be patching a few things and hopefully will make the economy resetter soon, so we can move forth with the final two weeks of beta, then follow through with the public launch and small advertisement campaign. The ads will increase with the playerbase. Why? You don't want a massively advertised server with it being newly launched. The expectations of populous would be too much for us, and would likely do more damage than good. EDIT #2: yes pauper has been online this entire time. i've been paying out of pocket, and will be continuing to do so! i don't mind at all
  5. I like your accent. Also, I liked, subscribed, and left my IGN in the comment. Hope to win in your giveaway
  6. Oh yeah, in the list in my previous post I forgot to mention the PvP Point Store. Which I am working on right now! This gentleman will teleport through 4 different locations in the wilderness, and his position will change every 2 hours. The interchanging positions is to prevent people from stalking this shopkeep to rush/pile people from wanting to buy from his shop. Why is he located in the wilderness to begin with? Well... this is Pauper. We force you into the wildy every chance we get EDIT: Alright, I've changed my mind on the "solid two hours" thing. Instead he will teleport to one of four locations anywhere between one second to 24 hours. It's typically in the 2-4 hour range The locations he will teleport to are as follows: However, he spawns in Edgeville. So, any time there's a server reset, you will have a brief period of time to buy items from him safely before he ventures back into the wild
  7. Starting tomorrow, December 3rd, I will be working on our latest and final update coming to the beta phase. This patch will be cleverly titled The Really Big Update. The reason development had been on pause since my last post to begin with was because I didn't have anything I needed to continue coding on this computer. However, I've got everything setup and ready to roll. The reason development hasn't started at the time of this post is because I'm waiting on my Dropbox to download over 18,000 files. This, unfortunately will have to occur overnight, as it dishes me one file at a time; rather than claiming it in bulk. So, as soon as my Dropbox has finished syncing, I will get started immediately once returning from work. I plan on working with extreme haste, as I did during Pauper's alpha testing stage. So, hopefully this means the patch will be up and ready to roll within a few weeks. The Really Big Update will encapsulate all the remaining updates that need to be done before beta is over. I, fortunately, maintain quite a detailed list of future updates. I try to be as transparent as I can with this project & the community interested in this project. This is why I will be showing you the list of everything that needs to be patched before ending beta. The remaining updates are as follows: The Hands of Torment This is the quest that will make Tormented Demons available. One must complete this quest partially in order to access the TD's lair. I've already got the plan mapped out for the dialogue, interactions, and etc. All that's left is to simply code this quest. Add the Blast Furnace We know why. Redesign IP logs, as well as add item dropped, item destroyed, item pick-up, and ;;empty command logs Pauper offers extensive logs in the event of players acting naughty. The reason these will be necessary before the release of the server is because if your character/account gets punished - you have every right to see exactly why you were punished. We, the staff team, will always provide proof of violation to our Community Guidelines. This can vary between videos, screenshots, and the logs of everything we have stored. Add a deposit box in the rune essence mine This deposit box will only be accessible after the player completes the Runes in Peril quest. Redo our title system Currently, nearly the only acquirable titles must be purchased. Nearly. I plan on separating bought-titles and adding earned-titles. These will also be separated between combat and skilling, so there will be three sections of titles the player will be able to choose from. Patch Corporeal Beast If Corporeal Beast remains unharmed for too long, his HP will revert back to full. I just wanna say, this wasn't my bug, I didn't code this boss I only worked on it's targeting a bit, before I ever knew about this bug! Zahur's Potion Decanting Emporium! An NPC named Zahur will decant potions! ...for a price Patch a bug with our Lodestone Network Fix unspeared hobgoblins, they don't count towards your KC for one of our quests anymore! I broke them! Wildy warning whilst entering KBD's lair Yes, KBD in Pauper is located in the wilderness. However, our server doesn't warn the players of this! I've been yelled at by an angry player over this Chaotic weaponry effects Chaotics were a bit overpowered, so I took away some stats. Now they're a bit underpowered. But instead of balancing stats, I wanted to try something a bit unique! Each chaotic item will have an effect. These effects will be tested as follows: Chaotic Rapier: Has the chance to make the opponent bleed for 3 seconds. Chaotic Longsword: Has the chance of sapping the opponent's attack, strength, or defense and transfer said stolen stats to the wielder. Chaotic Staff: Has the chance to boost magic level that will be based off the wielder's magic level, and causes them to reflect 50% of oncoming damage for 3 seconds. Chaotic Maul: Has the chance to increase strength levels and stun the opponent for 2 seconds. There are 7 NPCs which the players can safely AFK-farm Pauper Points - must patch No, I will not list the 7 NPCs, I'm not that transparent! Thank you!
  8. All links have been updated and Pauper has been brought back online. Development will resume shortly.
  9. Gemu

    Caught Ya, Arix

    Vibe check. I won't let you safecrack in peace.
  10. First off - I was so damn wired while shooting this video. Don't judge me Secondly - I somehow butchered the quality of the video lol, but here you go!
  11. Bump First thing's first, I understand updates are coming at an agonizing pace. To the people waiting & silently watching this project: I appreciate you, I see you. I know that I'm testing your patience everyday that passes. It's becoming a struggle to follow Pauper. I have good news coming to y'all soon, once I release a commentary to discuss a number of things. This will likely come on the upcoming Thursday, possibly Sunday. Secondly, the people waiting on this - you're amazing. I sincerely appreciate you guys sticking around for so long. You guys must really support this if you're willing to be so patient with me. As per my appreciation, the first 1,200 accounts created will receive some rewards after the official launch. These rewards will scale based off the tier your bracket is in. For example, if you are in the first 10 accounts created, your reward will be significant in comparison to the 1,200th's reward. These rewards will likely be nothing too extreme, it won't be anything that'll be unnecessarily advantageous, just a noticeable thank-you. Thanks for all your support, guys! Good news coming soon.
  12. Features and media have been restored.
  13. With a big thanks, and a big help, from our player Chi - I was able to finally officially patch our client. Any member with any Java version will now be able to play Pauper unrestricted and without hassle. If you've had recent issues loading our client, and want to try us out, please come check us out:
  14. Nex Update! Nex's Shadow Phase glitch patched, will now apply the unguardable damage correctly if the player is standing within melee distance for a period of time The timer was lengthened from > 4 seconds, to > 7 seconds The damage was lowered from up to 300, to up to 185 unguardable damage every second Message stating "The shadows start to consume you!" added indicating when the player is affected by this skill Moving outside of melee range will remove the status applied to any target player Melee aggressivity increased during Shadow Phase Other Updates: Return statements added to many object handlers to stop the annoying "nothing interesting happens" comment appearing all the time Got a lot of them, but I'm still missing quite a few. Am still trying to get them all catalogued, but I've made a start Bones on altar now only available through Gilded Altars inside player-owned houses Bones on altar no longer taxed Receiving a free bonecrusher is still possible through bones on altar Instanced dynamic regions planned for an immediate future update, so players can enter each other's houses *Hotfix: -Estate Agent & house portal spawned in Edgeville