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  1. First off - I was so damn wired while shooting this video. Don't judge me Secondly - I somehow butchered the quality of the video lol, but here you go!
  2. Bump First thing's first, I understand updates are coming at an agonizing pace. To the people waiting & silently watching this project: I appreciate you, I see you. I know that I'm testing your patience everyday that passes. It's becoming a struggle to follow Pauper. I have good news coming to y'all soon, once I release a commentary to discuss a number of things. This will likely come on the upcoming Thursday, possibly Sunday. Secondly, the people waiting on this - you're amazing. I sincerely appreciate you guys sticking around for so long. You guys must really support this if you're willing to be so patient with me. As per my appreciation, the first 1,200 accounts created will receive some rewards after the official launch. These rewards will scale based off the tier your bracket is in. For example, if you are in the first 10 accounts created, your reward will be significant in comparison to the 1,200th's reward. These rewards will likely be nothing too extreme, it won't be anything that'll be unnecessarily advantageous, just a noticeable thank-you. Thanks for all your support, guys! Good news coming soon.
  3. Features and media have been restored.
  4. With a big thanks, and a big help, from our player Chi - I was able to finally officially patch our client. Any member with any Java version will now be able to play Pauper unrestricted and without hassle. If you've had recent issues loading our client, and want to try us out, please come check us out:
  5. Nex Update! Nex's Shadow Phase glitch patched, will now apply the unguardable damage correctly if the player is standing within melee distance for a period of time The timer was lengthened from > 4 seconds, to > 7 seconds The damage was lowered from up to 300, to up to 185 unguardable damage every second Message stating "The shadows start to consume you!" added indicating when the player is affected by this skill Moving outside of melee range will remove the status applied to any target player Melee aggressivity increased during Shadow Phase Other Updates: Return statements added to many object handlers to stop the annoying "nothing interesting happens" comment appearing all the time Got a lot of them, but I'm still missing quite a few. Am still trying to get them all catalogued, but I've made a start Bones on altar now only available through Gilded Altars inside player-owned houses Bones on altar no longer taxed Receiving a free bonecrusher is still possible through bones on altar Instanced dynamic regions planned for an immediate future update, so players can enter each other's houses *Hotfix: -Estate Agent & house portal spawned in Edgeville
  6. ALL FEATURES AND MEDIA HAVE BEEN REMOVED. After editing the thread, Invision Power butchered the layout. I was trying to remove a few features to make way for new, more important features. After the edit, the layout I worked so hard for got ruined & not all the media was able to be displayed. This thread took me over 6 hours to create, and I cannot be asked to redo it (again). I greatly apologize for the inconvenience. Until Invision Power gets it's bullshit together, there will be no media in the immediate future. I will continue to post updates in the replies, but until IPS decides to fix it's editor, I will not bother. If you want to view the ad thread, you will need to visit Rune-Server. Again, I apologize for this inconvenience. Thank you.
  7. Not going to lie, there's not much of anything that catches my attention. Perhaps supply some media or list features of unique content not on other servers!
  8. gunna steal ur idea m8 gl competing now hahahaha
  9. Player-Owned Houses Released! Every object available to construct Every room available to construct Houses cost 500k gp and can be accessed from any house portal throughout the world Many house objects are able to be interacted with Will soon be the only way to get the +300% bonus exp for prayer from the gilded altar Walls and roofs automatically Yanille white brick, and no options to change it as of yet Very expensive skill if you're buying all the materials Marble blocks now unlimited items in the GE costing a whopping 326k each Miscellaneous Updates: Over 400 objects available to be used throughout various cities, and general locations all over the world Taverly Dungeon now available Smoke Dungeon now available Thieve's Guild now accessible Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon now available Canoes now available Baths in Oo'glog and their effects available Artisan's Workshop in Falador started Cockroack tunnels now available in Edge A chest located inside that will reward players one time A side note to this: monkey bars in the Edgeville Dungeon now work Over 100 new agility shortcuts added Players no longer need a spade to access Barrows tunnels, they can use the spade objects on the mounds Evil Trees now available Star Sprite now has it's dialogue
  10. Farming Updates! Plant watering Can water plants once for each growth stage Watering plants reduces the time of that stage by 10% After reaching the end of a growth stage, timer resets Can water any crop besides herbs Players may harvest plants with a full inventory If the player's inventory is full, or gets full during harvest, the produce will drop on the floor Growth times now handled by the patch status map, rather than the barbaric code I originally had
  11. Absolutely It's a personal project for me, it's not even designed to make money. I have absolutely no qualms about paying for the hosting or ads (once they come). I'll keep it going even if I have only one player.
  12. Man idk why I wrote that, it was so long ago lol. I might've been drunk. Or just not thinking.
  13. Toolbelt is here: Pretty useless for mining & woodcutting, since this revision only allows bronze hatchets and pickaxes to be added.
  14. We're back online! To play, please visit: https://pauper.live/ and redownload our client!
  15. Hello friends! We're still alive and are most definitely not going anywhere. I can assure you of this, as this is a personal project of mine. I will not be going anywhere, even if I only have one player. Here's what happened: I had a business trip that took me out of country from early August until September 15th. I was supposed to be back on the 5th, but there were delays. I had little to no internet access, so I couldn't work on Pauper at all. And during this, I didn't realize our domain registry expired. And unfortunately, the service I was using went ahead to register the same domain name, only for the sake of registering it. I tried emailing them to correct this issue, to (unsurprisingly) no reply. Due to this, you can no longer connect to either the website or server alike. Well, if it was only the domain, why can't I connect to the server? Well... because I linked our server's IP address to a subdomain (game.pauperps.ml), and now that the domain is no longer available for that - I have to make changes to the client again. I will be registering a new domain soon, probably a paid service this time, then change the nameservers and etc. Unfortunately though, my dense self lost our client files (lmao) so I have to go and find the same client I used, or a similar one, and make the exact same changes to be viable for gameplay. On the bright side, our hosting and domain registry services are entirely separate. None of the server or website files have been lost, I just need to register and link a domain to our nameservers. Here's some updates I forgot to post before my business trip: Farming Updates: Completely redone seed code Completely redone harvesting code Separated seeds and patches in different enums Each type of crop now has different produce methods Allotment produce received has been increased Herblore produce received now relies on whether or not the player has secateurs or magic secateurs Secateurs provide +75% bonus resources Magic secateurs provide +150% bonus resources Using no secateurs will have no effect on produce received Flower produce received has been slightly increased & lowered depending on certain seeds/levels Hop patch growth time significantly reduced, produce received increased Bush produce receieved has been left the same Tree patches now require hatchets to harvest, time it takes to harvest & produce received based on hatchet definitions The algorithm for picking produce is: (produce.getAmount() / axeTime) / 2 -- when using a dragon hatchet on a magic tree, you will gain double your produce. The time it takes to cut your trees down is: axeTime * 4. Which means if you are using a dragon hatchet, you will gain 1 log per-second. If you are using bronze, you will gain 1 log per 4-seconds. Receiving produce will now be 100% accurate Giant Mole Added: The Giant Mole and it's network of tunnels has been released Giant Mole has it's own combat script where it will dig tunnels to avoid the player Only accessible through digging through a mole hill in Falador park Player must have a spade