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  1. Hey mates, I was just wondering if I could ask you one simple question. I am a 23 year old graduated in programming and loves to play runescape in my free time. Now that I have a lot of free time on my hands I decided I give RSPS a go. In three simple words: I LOVE IT! Ok so I know JAVA Programming and how it works and I tried to create my own RSPS server for the sake of learning, BUT only one problem persists... I need some people to hang out with to keep me updated and teach me from my mistakes etc... How can I learn to contribute in RSPS Projects ? I need some practice right? I know that far... I seem to get too lost when trying to practice on my own! Can you direct me to some servers who need some "internship" helpers? It would be awesome! And please note, I do not wish to be paid back in any way, I am very interested in getting experience and nothing more!! Thanks for your help, Sean :)
  2. Name: Sean Vella Age: 23 Experience in 718: None Past Projects: Tried to create and develop my own private server ( but ofc failed after realising I can't develop a whole server by myself) Proof: Consider None Why Should I consider you for this project? I am a very dedicated person and very interested into helping the development of an RSPS. I have a lot of free time on my hands and love Java programming! How long have you been programming Java: 3-4 years Anything else you would like to add? : I just graduated and achieved a degree in Internet Application Development (many programming languages including Java and C#) and willing to put my studies into this project :)
  3. Hi Justin, My name is Sean and I really love your idea. I have been interested in creating my own RSPS but after a week of tutorials and mind-blowing research I noticed that I will never be able to create my own server. Reading through your post I decided that I would help and contribute in projects such as this one, even if it is free for the first time. I haven't got experience with coding RSPS but I just graduated programming school and I am very fluent in JAVA and also, tutorials gave me a brief perspective of how the system works. I believe that this will help me understand and further increase my knowledge in the subject. I have been playing Runescape from the classic ages to the latest updates (obviously quitting multiple times). Similar to you, my nostalgia pulls me back into this awesome game. Your idea of having the game very similar to how the game really is makes me think that this project is going to be large as it is very difficult but still viable. I would like to join your team and have a wonderful time developing the project as a back-end developer (as I am very limited in making things look good but love how the "brains" of a project works).