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  1. Is there a build avaiable for download that's alot easier for beginners? I've done only like a couple months of c# at school and done just simple modifications to configuration files but that's pretty much it, I have no real experience with coding stuff whatsoever, however, I'm just looking for a simple rsps server (about 484-508), would love to have summoning in it but I don't really like the hd update and stuff, I want to just play on a server for me and my friends where I can change exp/drop rates, change npc's ect. and just have some fun like arios but actually private and customizable. I know theres an old arios build out there but I don't know how to get it working properly what I've gotta do ect. I'd love some help for this! Edit: I'm trying to get an OSRS private server experience with just a bit higher rates and stuff
  2. [quote name='Xonzer']Hi Justin, My name is Sean and I really love your idea. I have been interested in creating my own RSPS but after a week of tutorials and mind-blowing research I noticed that I will never be able to create my own server. Reading through your post I decided that I would help and contribute in projects such as this one, even if it is free for the first time. I haven't got experience with coding RSPS but I just graduated programming school and I am very fluent in JAVA and also, tutorials gave me a brief perspective of how the system works. I believe that this will help me understand and further increase my knowledge in the subject. I have been playing Runescape from the classic ages to the latest updates (obviously quitting multiple times). Similar to you, my nostalgia pulls me back into this awesome game. Your idea of having the game very similar to how the game really is makes me think that this project is going to be large as it is very difficult but still viable. I would like to join your team and have a wonderful time developing the project as a back-end developer (as I am very limited in making things look good but love how the "brains" of a project works).[/QUOTE] Awesome, I'll PM you right away! :) (Need 3 posts on the forums to actually PM, haha
  3. Hi, I have this "project"/idea that I want to work on: So let me start off with a little story time: My name is Justin / JNNSK and I've been playing RS back in like 2003-2005, started at around 2007 again for a while and then it kinda lost my interest when the new things came (I played till about half a year after summoning) and ever since just a month or 2 every half/quarter a year. Soo, I'm a nostalgic person, and there're alot of nostalgic people (why would you think rs07 was reborn?). So, let's get down to my idea: I was hoping to make a working server from the time when the Grand Exchange just came out (or JUST before that, if a working Grand Exchange won't be realistic.) My hopes are to get a working, a Grand Exchange to make a lot of things accessible with editable prices and amounts/stock, to follow the server's economy. I want the gameplay to be 90-95% like the old RuneScape, without all these npc's that allow you to teleport everywhere and buy everything at any time. I want to keep the core of the game intact, with higher exp and drop rates (maybe 5, 10 or 20, with 1,5-2,5x exp weekends and events) I don't have a massive budget but if you can help me a lot with important things I could pay you for it, but keep in mind it'll be a non-profit server, just to recreate the enjoyable times of playing the old-school runescape. Everyone will obviously be member. donators, will for now just gain the title, I'm not planning to give them a advantage to the other players. Maybe a tiny bit of extra exp but not really a lot more. (sorry pay2win people, donations are really just donations to keep the server running). I'll be open for ideas at any time and if you want to help me, please send me a PM. So far I've only been using builds from this forum that already has these custom NPS's and exp rates, I liked playing around with them locally, but I want to step it up, and create a very fun experience for everyone. So to sum it up I'm looking for: - Volunteers or people with some knowledge of editing/adding options. - A clean server, no added NPC's ect. Just the core. - Old version preferred - A way to create a good working (if possible, some kinda autostocking) Grand Exchange. With logs to make sure nobody abuses the GE (if there's a exploit/problem with prices) - Obviously, I'd love all the old songs to give that old school feeling. - Working questing system and all - Someone who knows how to make our website/forum and stuff. - Someone to make a nice, simple background and layout for the website. And when that's all done and we're ready for launch: - Voting system (not sure what to do with rewards yet, maybe make membership a voting reward or exp/temporary boost items. - Nice, trustworthy, fun but a little professional staff. 24h/7days a week lag-free server host (so if anyone knows a service that can do that for a low price, that I can edit any time that'd be great) Small edit: Just got the idea that membership could be a voting reward and donators could get membership aswell (example: 30d donor = +30d membership added to the account, voting every day will increase the membership by a day(?) allowing donators to be member on alt. accounts. - also I'm planning to host a lot of events, maybe daily rewards, refer-a-friend and much more if possible. - One reason I want an editable GE is that I'll be able to easily make a change in buy/sell prices for certain items, therefore a moving economy. More events would be available if I would change a certain item's buy/sell price with a certain percentage and give small hints so people could get a good sum of money if they invest in a certain item. Or maybe risk losing some. Who knows? (Mostly gain) Anyway, I'd love some additional ideas and tips for this project. I hope it'll be possible to make this reality. All help will be appreciated and your name will be somewhere visible in the server (nps names, credits, signs I don't know yet where. if you prefer something or have an idea, just let me know haha) Thanks for reading, and have a nice day. :) -JNNSK Edit: After looking into a revision list - I'm probably looking for something pre-500 (I think around 500 they changed alot to the looks of the game, introducing rs HD but in 504 they introduced the bank update which is a really nice feature. Anyone who knows what would be best?
  4. Download seems to be broken :(