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  1. Greetings Adventure, The Phantom Queen on the battlefield. The crow that soars above the wreckage and ruin. The seers, the warrior, the protector. She is both light and dark. Life and death. War and love. The Celtic Goddess of War. The Morrigan welcomes you. https://discord.gg/XwAvagk We are a newly Created OSRS Experience like no other, we bring you the expected content you love, plus the OSRS feel you want. Skill through almost all of the skills (some are a WIP) as you can enjoy the OSRS Skill rates, or grab a Ring of Experience (RoE) from the shop for 4 times the rate. Want some quicker rates, visit the corresponding guild for boosted exp., and even more with friends in the same guild, in the same Clan Slash / Blast / Shoot your way through an almost flawless combat system, as you level up through a slightly higher than OSRS exp. rate. We are looking to bring you the most accurate OSRS feel you want, while bringing a unique content and enjoyment Enjoy the large array of Bosses you come to expect, and participate in World Bosses, and group Minigames When donating you will receive a donator coin per dollar donated; which are spent in our donator shop for an array of items including an RoE, Mystery Boxes, Gear, Skill Outfits, and More... As well when you donate you will receive: - Access to a Donator Only Skilling area with Multiple resources close at hand to banks, or furnaces and stoves - - Quick Teleport to areas like GowWars with a 10 Kill Count, private Rev Cave instances - Increased Drop rates starting at 3% boost up to 30% scaling by amount donated (Stacks on top of other Modifiers) - Bonus PK Points per kill scaling to your Donator Rank - Access to ::Yell freely - Granted Scaling Donator Titles - Scaling Boosted experience while Skilling We are a new server, with a focus on Player Experience; if you have a suggestion / issue, you will be herd.