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  1. (Banner) [Admin=Server Description] The goal of the project is pretty much to have a solid 2011 era server with most content with the exception of full-scale quests completed. At the moment we're focusing on getting as much existing content free from bugs and establishing a base economy so we can launch a closed beta, after feedback and further bug fixes and some additional new content we will push for a release. link removed [/admin] [Admin=Team] Mod Jamie - Developer [/Admin] [Admin=Latest Update notes] Patch 1.11 - Pets donator ranks and bug fixes pets have been added to several bosses, get hunting chaos elemental has been added, access him by the main portal added counter to fight caves to track number of completions added 4 member ranks with different benefits, as well as an exclusive member area added temporary fix that allows dagannoth rex to be properly frozen several npcs have had bonuses added to them making them feel more realistic to fight more npc anims fixed fixed a bug that allowed you to fight aviansies and armadyl spiritual followers with melee fixed a bug that didn't let you use the cave entrance at wyverns added some messages to wyverns making it clear when you are hit hard without a shield and when you are frozen xp from bonecrusher is now 33% of original xp, increasing depending on member rank fixed bonecrusher giving incorrect xp message fixed resource dungeons giving incorrect xp message replaced some incorrect black demons at kurasks spawn with more kurasks kurasks can now only be damaged by broad equipment and leaf-bladed weapons rune cbows can now fire broad bolts correctly replaced some incorrect greater demons at turoths spawn with more turoths changed account resetting, instead of no restrictions, accounts without a bank pin, more than 1000 total or 100m xp can no longer be reset drakens medallion added to barrows chest, allowing you to teleport around meiyditch easier general bug fixes [/Admin]