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  1. Ahh I should just make a new post, thanks man
  2. I have a computers that can run rs servers or ventrillo
  3. if you need a helping hand I have a server x2
  4. brid ogxpk


    same no client for this?
  5. brid ogxpk


    can u report the dl link its broken?
  6. I might need help setting up this server. could u help I will pay u ?
  7. Need help on this picture char files wont save when i disconnect doesn't save. [attachment=21:wont save.jpg]
  8. Looks like a great release gonna start my project on this I've been looking for something like this for a minute now hopefully its all organized and clean :P Thanks
  9. Thank you for releasing it to the community, i am starting my project off your source.
  10. Fantastic work, but old .
  11. The Link Is Brokenn