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  1. Updated Tutorial Completely :)
  2. I use Hostwinds and couldn't be happier :) [URL="https://www.hostwinds.com/"]https://www.hostwinds.com[/URL]
  3. Woops Ill include the notepad ++ DLL Link :)
  4. On Other Forums My Username Is SkySwordGaming Welcome To My Tutorial On How To Get Your Own RuneScape Private Server Going! Eclipse: Eclipse WinRar: WinRar (32 Bit) Java JDK: Java 7 Update 79 (32 Bit) Okay So Once You Have Downloaded Them Three Programs And Installed Them We Will Need To Get A Client And Source I Recommended Project Insanity Which Is Revision 317 Which Is Good For Starting Off With I Have Gone To The Effort Of Downloading, Cleaning Up And Reorganizing This Release Into One Small .zip File You're Welcome Once You Have Downloaded The .zip File Then Extract It To Somewhere. I Just Put It On My Desktop For Easiness. RuneLuck Starter Pack: http://sh.st/jRKfY Okay The Next Step Is To Open Up Eclipse You Will Be Greeted With The Following Screen Yours Will Look Different I Have Only Customized Mine To My Liking. Click File -> New -> Java Project Then Type Client In Project Name. Untick The Box That Says Use Default Location And Press Browse And Point It To The Client Folder e.g. C:\Users\Cohen243\Documents\RuneLuck Starter Pack\Client After That Press Finish Do The Exact Same With The Server Folder Now Expand The Server Folder -> src -> server And Press On Server.java and Press The Green Play Button. The Server Is Now Running Press The Red Stop Button Just Above The Console To Stop The Server Go Into The Client Folder -> (default package) then click on client.java Press The Little Black Arrow Next To The Green Play Button Then Click On Run Configurations. Now Click On The Arguments Tab And Under Program arguments paste in 10 0 highmem members 32 How Do I Make Myself Owner? Go Into Server\Data\characters And Find Your Character Name And Open With Notepad Then Replace character-rights = 0 With character-rights = 3 Then Save 0 = Player 1 = Moderator 2 = Administrator 3 = Owner You Are Now An Owner of The Server How To Change Start Location? Go Into src\server Folder In Server Folder Then Open Config.java Now Edit public static final int START_LOCATION_X = 3087; public static final int START_LOCATION_Y = 3500; To The Coordinates Of Your Chosen Spawn Location For Coordinates List Refer To http://rs-codes.weebly.com/coords-list.html EXP Rates EXP Rates Are In The Same Config.java Just Go To The Bottom And Edit Accordingly Go To Lines 55 And Line 163 In Config.java To See The Following. public static final int MELEE_EXP_RATE = 500; //Line 55 public static final int RANGE_EXP_RATE = 500; public static final int MAGIC_EXP_RATE = 500; public static final int WOODCUTTING_EXPERIENCE = 40; //Line 163 public static final int MINING_EXPERIENCE = 40; public static final int SMITHING_EXPERIENCE = 40; public static final int FARMING_EXPERIENCE = 40; public static final int FIREMAKING_EXPERIENCE = 50; public static final int HERBLORE_EXPERIENCE = 40; public static final int FISHING_EXPERIENCE = 40; public static final int AGILITY_EXPERIENCE = 40; public static final int PRAYER_EXPERIENCE = 40; public static final int RUNECRAFTING_EXPERIENCE = 40; public static final int CRAFTING_EXPERIENCE = 40; public static final int THIEVING_EXPERIENCE = 40; public static final int SLAYER_EXPERIENCE = 50; public static final int COOKING_EXPERIENCE = 40; public static final int FLETCHING_EXPERIENCE = 40; Make Sure To Run Compile.bat Before Run.bat Changing Client IP Address Go Into Client Folder Then Open client.java And Go To Line 12060 Now Replace With Your Server Address Press The Black Arrow Next To The Green Play Button Again And Press Server Then Press Client To Start Both The Server And The Client. Congratulations You Now Have Setup A RuneScape Private Server!
  5. How To Webclient? Because that would help alot :)