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  1. [quote name='StevenAbraham']No your right :)[/QUOTE] oh good i was unsure lol.
  2. I think 1 source = 1 world. so you would copy your source file and run it as a different port. world 1 = 43594 world 2 = 43595 world 3 = 5555 maybe a different way idk.
  3. I guess ill help you out. skype name: altairslife
  4. saintscape

    help with error.

    OK! First off what we need is a code line not a picture. tut or that. step1: Compile then when its done right click and click "mark" step2: copy it like you would any other text only thing is once all is highlighted it auto copies. step3: when you reply us the tool on the forums that shows a # and it will show "CODE][/CODE]" add the error in the middle of the "][" so it will look like this [CODE]place 100 error here[/CODE] ok good. now i want you to tell me the last thing you did before you got this error and maybe me or someone can help you out buddy =)
  5. Ok well ummm do you just want a Runescape background? or do you want something more your servers look?
  6. Ok so i have been working on my server for some time now and all was going well until i ran into a 100 error problem. any time i added something to [CODE] private void parseIncomingPackets() {[/CODE] i would get a 100 error. i remove what i added and it worked fine. so i went and looked it up. and a site said "In a Jave method, its size cannot exceed 64KB." so it told me to make a void like this [CODE]public void parseIncomingPackets2() {[/CODE] ( i tried to change public to private as well.) and other stuff. its all [URL="https://www.moparscape.org/smf/index.php?topic=438121.0"]here[/URL] under " Code to large" so i did so but it throws errors and i can't quite get to work so i'm asking for any help. i'm not a bad coder or anything. and i know what i'm doing half the time but i can't quite get this down.
  7. Where is the Download....and what is new...i hope it fixed the flood system....thats the only bad thing about this source.....i love using it but that flood bans people when i reset server.
  8. Eye i wish u were still here........miss you bro
  9. [quote name='mojo']Sometimes you just need to read what error it gives, and google it for info if you're unsure.. Anyway, there is a 64kb byte-code size limit on a method (at least in Sun's java compiler). What you could try is make your code shorter, more efficient and remove anything that is unnecessary. Also, try splitting it up into more than one method.[/QUOTE] I have tryed Google and every tut i found did not work...=( and i still cant find what i did...
  10. This is what it says.... [CODE]client.java:13405: code too large private void parseIncomingPackets() { ^ 1 error You have sucsessfully compiled Press any key to continue . . . [/CODE] Does anyone know how to fix? it wont let me code what i want....i can code a few things but then i try to make a shop and it gives me this i try to make a quest it gives me this....help..
  11. Alright so i have Acrylicx Source... and i use it but when it comes to allot of advanced stuff the source looks like crap....but i want to fix that.. so if anyone could help me with a tut or a link...i already been searching so don't tell me Google....
  12. OK so once i cross a point going to Gnome agilty or somewhere over there it all turns Black.... i really need help idk what i did the rest of the map works find and people play my server so that's not good so i need help