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  1. i need help regarding same thing ... welp plz ! :D
  2. How can i link my rsps forums and ingame ? I am currently using IPB forums 3.4.X and ingame version 718 can somebody guide with a nice detailed tutorial ??
  3. shk

    Video Maker

    We need a video maker for our server , please contact me via pm or post here , tell me ur skype and we'll talk .. reward will be given :D
  4. [quote name='thaBoom']There is tutorials on Google to add images to usergroups.[/QUOTE] You dont understand what i mean , i have added userbars already , but only 1 userbar appears , instead of multiple ones :D
  5. I have added .. but I want to know how to add multiple images !
  6. hi guys can anybody help me with adding multiple group ranks on ipb forums ? i added but it only shows 1 , can someone post like a steps to add multiple group rank ?? like all of them visible on the players profile ?