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  1. Takeyda

    Source Indecision

    [quote name='falconpunch']If your teacher is a hard ass and will take off points for plagiarizing/copyright then I wouldn't use it. I'd use a different game, something that's open source by the creator. If you want a 718 that's not on the 718 Matrix framework, make your own lol you can google for a clean 718 source and find one that's fairly empty.[/QUOTE] Well the assignment is broad and I doubt my teacher would penalize me for what I decided to use. Of all the things I could think of, RSPS was the best choice I could make for a presentation. Besides, my teacher knows I am interested in a career in videogame design and programming so using a game just fits ya know? but I'll look around and find something that at least runs and saves. Thanks anyway. :) [quote name='Arix']There are no well developed 718 servers. You'll have to make your own.[/QUOTE] Alrighty, thanks.
  2. Takeyda

    Source Indecision

    Hey guys. I just have a simple question, no need to add too much detail. I'm kinda new to coding RSPS (I worked with Java previously) and I have decided to use an RSPS for a school project. What 718 source is the best to use? I wish there was a 718 not running on Matrix framework but I have been unable to find one. I'm just interested in the least buggy/poorly developed source. I have no interest in hosting the server to the public, it's just for playing around with Java. --edit-- It will need to be accessible though, to my class mates/teacher. I plan to create something in the game that can be experienced by my teacher and I have to explain to him what I did and how I did it.