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  1. I also used IPAD but seems to me that there could be another option. I tried looking online and found some possibilities. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Too old but I guess, not old enough. LOL.
  3. Good day to all! I Just need an opinion for this. I'm excited for another branch soon! So I'll be very busy around. In lieu of my plans, I'm thinking to have a POS system for my credit card payments but I want it be secure and reliable. It should come in packages and not just to accept payments and process sales. There are a lot that can be found online but I want to see other options from you here too. I'm a budget savvy type of person and I would definitely go with the flat rate pricing. Could you give me some advice that will likely be suitable for my business?
  4. Hi, Greece is okay too, yes I agree on that. How about Cuba? there are a lot of attractions there also like Plaza de la Catedral. It is one of the main structures in Old Havana. But, if you are interested to know more about its best places then you might as well look for this page:Top Tourists Attraction in Cuba. You'll get to choose the amazing places from that.
  5. I am in my mid 30's but I feel like I am 20! LOL
  6. Camaro!! My dream car. I wonder when I could have enough to buy one. :)