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  1. Our Website - Click Here FEATURES: Community Bosses (everyone gets a drop) Dicing 24 skills Instant PK sets Curses Moderate Customs Fun PVM and PVP combat systems MEDIA: Misc: This server may not be the best server, nor may it have some of the features as others, but it is a fun laid back community driven server. If you are looking to kick back and relax and have some fun on a server, then check us out! We try to improve each day by adding the features that are requested. Come join us today to find out what Salanica has in store for you.
  2. I understand your concern. You barely gave it a chance. What I have done maj o rity of my players are in favor of. It is better than donating for amazing items. Regardless, thanks for stopping by and hope you find what you are looking for
  3. Thanks hxze, our struggle is getting known. check us back out once more development has occured!
  4. FIXED I copied from another forums so that is why.
  5. DEADMAN SERVER Aegis Website Please bear with us as we clean up bugs any bugs. The reasons I changed this server to a deadman server is because I WANT TO PLAY. So I will make sure to fix the bugs that are most annoying in an order I would want them fixed as a player. If you want to play just check us out. Things are changing and my goal is to implement things that MAKE SENSE. If you want a Deadman server YOUR WAY, join here!
  6. Home Page 25x Skills (Items have been removed from shops, but pk sets are available!) 500xp per hit Abyssal Sire Cerberus Perfect Combat Bank Tabs Iron-Man mode Boss Pets All Old School Bosses (Sire, Cerberus, Zulrah, Callisto, Kraken, etc.) Quick Prayers Boss & Slayer Kill Logs Perfect Switching Clue Scroll System - Easy, Medium & Hard 15+ Bosses All 23 Skills Working! Working Slayer & Duo Slayer, with the ability to ask for a boss slayer task. Fully working Clan Chat Working Lootshare if a Rare Drop is obtained by a player. Working PvP System.