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  1. [quote name='Vesta Main']This looks pretty awesome, nice share. I like the lightning on the character, not sure if that's part of The Dingir but it looks cool.[/QUOTE] there's two types, one initiating before the attack, the other when you're fully charged, both belonging to the Dingir :P
  2. [CENTER]Before I begin, I'd like to say I'm not usually a Rune Locus user... but I felt people of the RSPS scene, no matter what site(s) they usually use, would like to see this; [video=youtube;MAs1jQxMiWE]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MAs1jQxMiWE&feature=youtu.be[/video][/CENTER] [SPOILER=LONG DESCRIPTION, PREPARE YOURSELVES!] [B][I][U]THE ORIGIN:[/U][/I][/B] I have shifted my source to something a bit more tidy over the break and slowly got back into RSPS development. This source wasn't going to have a class system like TOTA did, for a multitude of reasons, but the main one being was... it was too limiting. If I create another class system, it won't be so restrictive. So I had to change the Dingir spec... but I thought ... I could do so much more with this now, more than I could've ever thought of before at the time of making the original mechanics. I've taken the original model (Sword of edicts) and made my own version; this resulted in a larger blade, a few extra designs, a gapped handle and the large glow in between the handle and the blade. As my idea started to look more possible in my head when I thought of it over and over, I decided I would properly recolour the blue variant into red, and green. thus making the combat triangle, in coloured forms. From there on, metaphorically speaking; I had to thread all 3 models together into one weapon system, by creating the manual switches in both the inventory, and the equipment interface. Lastly, was the final thread process, creating the Auto Switch. [B][I][U]THE STATS:[/U][/I][/B] Now I was very intent on keeping the stats on The Dingir, on all forms, to 0. Any RSPS with customs, will generally have stats that are a bit too high in comparison to the standard equipment. I wanted to stray away from this, and figure out an Amplification system for each style, where The Melee form will benefit a great deal from your current strength level, and benefit even more from your current strength bonus. A grand total of 54 strength bonus from using helm of neitiznot, saradomin's whisper, bandos chestplate, bandos tassets, goliath gloves, steadfast boots, tokhaar-kal and a berserker ring (i) will allow the melee dingir to hit upwards of 740+ with turmoil and overloads. Similar formulas are applied to Ranged and Magic, constant maxing tests of each style with BiS gear, allowed for all styles to be balanced, except for close ranged Melee, it is slightly stronger for the fact your opponent needs to be close to you to execute it. [B][I][U]THE ADVANTAGEOUS DISTANCING:[/U][/I][/B] A notable feature is also, when attacking from an 'advantageous' distance depending on the weapon, will make the next weapon attack 1 tick faster than usual, and will hit harder. This encourages the use of the Auto/Manual switching, for example; If I am using a Melee setup, and my target is ranging, if they are more than 2 squares away from me, I will hit for less damage and my hits will be normal speed. If my target is ranging but they are within 2 squares around me, my attack graphics will begin amplifying a whole lot more, speeding up my next attack by 1 tick, and hitting for higher damage. Ranged and Magic also have a similar trait, but their attacks are limited to being nearby the target instead. [B][I][U]THE SIPHON EFFECT:[/U][/I][/B] Upon attacking your target, you will have a chance to siphon up to 20 health and acquire 1 Charge lasting 30 seconds, and refreshing back to 30 seconds when another Charge is gained. When you have 5 Charges, your character will emit sparks; a sign, warning others around you of your overflowing power. During this state, you are able to siphon even more hitpoints up to 45, this will not overcharge you, it will instead just reset the timer back to 30 seconds. Great thing to note is, you cannot overheal maximum hp when you are not fully charged. When fully charged, you may siphon up to an extra 150 hitpoints over your maximum hp. (1140 without any Nex armour). [B][I][U]THE SPEC:[/U][/I][/B] "Generate Planetary Core." Now, when rethinking about the spec, I needed to keep the "WOW" factor the previous Dingir had, but at the same time, having a spec that long to cast was going to have it's ups and downs; you could still be hit and could do nothing about it, or your opponent could eat to maximum hp during the cast. I can, and have solved both of these problems. When casting the special attack, during the cast, your opponent will not be able to eat, until the final stages of the launch. This will allow the target to eat once when the special attack happens, this is the same case for Dragon Claws, Dragon Dagger and Granite maul, you are able to eat once for the time one special attack has been used, potentially saving your life. Now, depending on how many charges are consumed, during the cast you will negate 50 - 90% of the damage, 1 charge being 50%, 5 being 90%. Also dependant on how many charges are consumed, is how much of the Special bar is used. Now you could've used 2 1 charged special attacks in a row, until I thought about how silly that was, and decided I would set a cooldown for The Dingir Special. Finally, the special attack does not have a certain combat family, therefore making this special extremely dangerous. Thanks for watching/reading/both. ^^[/SPOILER] For the record, I'm Tira of TOTA on R-S so ... please don't hate, I think you're all human too ^^
  3. would've loved to have seen more screenies of the cutscenes
  4. the bench seating is really neat