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  1. Hey guys, i just got a Selox server running, i set it up on my laptop (Its got the resources to spare), i compiled the client, and its working, the only downside is, it will not "update" pst 2% on my Arch Linux computer. I compiled it on my Arch Linux computer, which is what has the server on it, then i transfered it to my brothers Mint machine, it works, in a Vbox, it works, but when i load it in my Arch Linux machine, it sits at 2%. 1% means it can't connect, I've gotten that error already. 2% means it can connect, but can not transfer any data. In order to troubleshoot i set up my old server, which has less RAM but will still work, ran the server on it, and everything is fine, other computers can connect just as the server on my Arch Linux laptop, but, my client still gets stuck at 2%. So I'm for sure going to want to set the server up on my laptop and run it from there, now that i know its not a localhost issue. I verified with netstat -lantp that a connection was being made, both locally and on the correct server when i was running it on my second server, just no data was transferring. How do i fix this?
  2. I thought about that, but, it wouldn't make sense why the same exact copy of the client will connect on another Linux box. I run Arch Linux, it won't get passed 1%, my brother who is on the same network is running Mint, and his works fine. I set up his box, and it has jdk8 installed, no edits or anything special done, it's just installed. Same goes for my system, JDK8 is installed, and i have not messed with the install in any way. I don't see how its a server issue, nor can i see how its a client issue. I Don't understand.
  3. Yea, that didn't work. Anyone have any advice??
  4. Is there any way i could download the cache and force the update? I have no clue what could cause this issue. I've disabled fail2ban and iptables completely, and it still didn't fix the issue (Which i didn't think it would, as even with them running i can see that it is connecting, just not transferring data) Also, when i attempt to connect the client, it downloads: Paradox_runescape_preferences.dat To my home folder, but, has nothing inside of it. As well as a: .Paradox_cache_32 Folder Which does have files in it. I'm going to delete these folders/files and try again.