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  1. yaks OP [video]http://gyazo.com/20a6d816e444c7c67192d460e0f0ae6d[/video]
  2. prices.java and shops.java, a lot of sources have multiple of the same item so make sure it is the correct item code and that you change all of the numbers to your desired price. 1 is for how much it says it costs. 1 shows how much it costs when you examine it, and the other is how much it actually costs. so make sure you change all of the numbers in the correct spots.
  3. Glad to have you! :D
  4. [quote name='letemavit']oh ok, im learning im learning :) lol im trying to add it to this - [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?91095-Project-Exile-The-Full-Release[/url]. any chance you could point me in the right direction?[/QUOTE] That should definitely have server.java, just open your source files and search server.java and you should find it. If you need more help just add me on skype. Skype: loot.share
  5. [quote name='letemavit']cant find Server.java could any one help me?[/QUOTE] if you do not have server.java you are missing files or you are looking in the wrong folder, or it's not PI.
  6. loot share

    King black dragon

    Which part of it do you need help with? Did you look up the Kbd's attack animations?
  7. [quote name='spudpickles']i will my skype is gordan.mitchell shoot me a add,[/QUOTE] Thank you for the great Ideas and I hope to continue to work with you! :D
  8. I am happy you are liking how it is turning out! :) My runelocus pages are acting up a bit can you send me a pm of your username? If anyone else is interested in the future progression of this server and wants to help out or be part of the beta which will happen in about a week please reply to this post! Thanks! :D
  9. Also another bump from WarTusk! Changed the starting zone so you start off with your own personal balloon party for random bonus fun items! Party hats are just for this example it will be changed on release [video=youtube;NS3znIlLdiI]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NS3znIlLdiI&feature=youtu.be[/video]
  10. [quote name='officiallulzs3c']and this just proves my point even more "who cares if it's practical or not" ? so your going to add a custom minigame and then 2-3 days later find out it doesn't work/ can be used to dupe ? good luck running a private server with an attitude like that. your one of the leechers so you can't really comment on who does and doesn't leech.[/QUOTE] I'm sorry for the way I acted but the way I took it when he said " your coding is not practical" the way I took it was he meant it as instead of using code that is long, you should simplify it more which would be more practical. I was saying yes maybe my coding is not as clean as yours or as simplified as yours but if mine "works" then it works. I have made over 4 mini games for my Project you should check my project before assuming i'm just some stinking leach that does nothing to my server. after you check it and if you really think that is anything close to what anyone else has online then please point me to the server that is like my project and I will admit im a leacher and I will delete this account and never return to a rsps again. And if there is a dupe somehow in my mini game then I am someone who would fix it. Someones attitude does not effect there work and does not mean they are a leacher. Runique is a great example of staff who became very rude and abusive to there players. They are jerks but they still have a decently polished server (in my opinion) I enjoy the server at least. You may not but that does not matter. [url]http://www.runelocus.com/forums/showthread.php?104897-WarTusk-RsPs-(which-class-will-you-choose-)-Provided-With-Pictures-And-Videos[/url] But I am done arguing It is just my opinion that the finished product is all that really matters. If it is the exact same as someone else's finished product then the player does not care. They just care about a polished fun product. I am not the best coder in the world but I think even if my coding is a bit dirty if the finished product looks good and the player likes it and there is no duping or bugs in the product then I feel good about it. But I am sorry for any offence to anyone I might of insulted. I tend to get carried away with what I say when I debate with people. I'm only human. Sorry again and have a good day.
  11. [quote name='uncalled for']Maybe if you actually read my post you'd see this part "If you want to learn the Java Language, then all you have to do is read all of this: [url]https://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/java/[/url] and simply study it, and practice with it." Keyword "practice" meaning, mess around with the code, and try to develop new stuff daily with the knowledge that you're gaining from reading the documentations.[/QUOTE] 1) I was not talking to you so not sure why you replied to me. 2)[B] I am not calling you out.[/B] I am calling out these other guys who think the rsps community is horrible because people do not read those links you sent and dont study those java tutorials. People can make a great rsps by just messing around with code and learning that way instead. Will those links increase your knowledge base about java? of course they will! And I never said they did not. I was just proving a point that you do not need those to make a good server. And that is what I have been explaining in all of my posts to falconpunch and officiallulzs3c . But I am sorry if you took offense to it.
  12. [quote name='officiallulzs3c']I would rather have the person who know's java but has never worked with rsps, especially when your working in a team of 4-5 people and they all start using different naming conventions, it makes your life 10x harder. bad coding is the downfall of so many rsps's these days because of kids like you who don't know java and just smash code together to form something that "works" but is in no way efficient or practical. this ^[/QUOTE] who the hell gives a F if its practical or not lol only people who would care are other coders but we do not code to impress coders we code to impress players (and a good coder works with what is given to him even if it is a bit of a headache.) But a headache is well worth it if you have a great unique server. players dont give 2 shits what your coding is, as long as it works and they can play your server. "bad coding is[B] the downfall of so many rsps's these days because of kids like you who don't know java and just smash code together to form something that "works" but is in no way efficient or practical."[/B] ...lol The problem with rsps's is not if someones coding is practical.... its the content that people put online.... People just leach servers with out doing anything to them that is the problem! I dont log on a server and say oh wow you have a lot of content very unique! but I feel like your coding is not practical so I will quit but when you read more java tutorials then we can talk when you can describe to me what a boolean is. You do not need to know all about java to code something unique that players will like. A lot of these top servers are ran by kids who just changed and added some small features that a noob could do. But most noobs dont because they do not put the effort into changing it at all. That is the problem with rsps's they are all the same ol' thing.