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  1. mario4147

    Eclipse help

    When I try to run my 562 server with Eclipse, I get the error "error loading your profile". But if I run the server without using Eclipse, I get no errors. Any ideas?
  2. I'm using Alhassa Scape source and when I run it i got the no args constructor error so I put public NPC () { } in my NPC.java and when I log in and out of an account, it won't let me log back in. It says error loading profile. Anyone know a solution?
  3. Every time I jar and sign my client, my HD won't work. It works if I run the .bat file. I really want HD to work on the jar, any solutions? I'm using Alhassa Scape 562 client. Thank You!
  4. How can I get the HD to work? I keep getting an error in my console when I try to enter it EDIT: I fixed it by making my run.bat go go to my jre in my (x86) folder.
  5. Anyone? Really need this.