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  1. Hey guys, i'm in a little bit of a struggle here, i've been trying to make a .jar client so more people can play my server because to play you have to download the whole client file. I've tried jaring it with jar maker but i keep getting "Requesting title screen Retrying in x". i'm pretty sure it's because i don't have the auto cache downloader. So i'm asking if someone could teach me how to make one or explain to me and show me how so i can make a .jar client so others can play because only a few can. I'm willing to pay you if you can make it for me via paypal. If you have any questions or can help me please add my skype, just message me for it :) I'll be glad to talk with you. Thanks and hopefully someone can help! Revision: 317 Delta Reiss.
  2. Thank you Very Much!
  3. Hey Guys i'm new at coding and i wanted to make thieving stalls which give a certain amount of cash and experience, does anyone know where to start. Willing to pay someone to help me add them, message your skype below, or any guides that you think will help, i'm coding on a 317 delta thank you. Ignore the picture sorry.